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So, while we blame Zeke for betraying, we should also blame Grisha for putting Zeke in such a position. And it was Tom who suggested that Zeke save his own life and his grandparents by ratting out Grisha and Dina to gain Marley’s trust. A few days later at Willy Tybur 's speech, Eren Yeager has his name disgraced when he is declared to the world as the enemy of peace. 39 (845)[5][6][7] When he arrived there, he found them dead for hours. This was best exemplified by his decision to ignore his mother's warnings, and take his younger sister outside Liberio's Internment Zone, leading to her eventual demise. When it was Dina's turn, Grisha pleaded for her life, and tried to point out that she was of royal descent and could be of potential use to them, but was silenced by Kruger before any of the soldiers could overhear him, to Grisha's surprise. In response, Eren gave her his scarf and Grisha told her to come live with them.[17]. Seeing her potential, the leader of the Eldian tribe, Fritz, used her to build bridges across mountains, cultivate barren lands and build roads. Pleased with the progress that his people were maki… He even addressed him as “dad” later in the manga. After compiling everything into three journals, Grisha inscribed a message revealing that humanity was still alive beyond the walls on the back of his old family's photograph and hid all of his writings in his desk. Accept [10] Grisha was taken inside the Walls by Keith Shadis,[11] and settled in the Shiganshina District. Grisha eventually found work at a hospital. Although he appeared on the surface to be a rather calm, calculated man, Grisha's most notable characteristics were his hard-headed personality and his intense passion for whatever cause he dedicated himself to. Zeke is Grisha Yeager's firstborn son with Dina Fritz, and Eren's older half-brother. He is the warchief of Marley's Warriors, assigned to take the Founding Titan from inside the Walls. Grisha was a fairly tall, slender man with straight black hair neatly parted down the middle, a thin beard and mustache, and gray eyes. He wore a gray suit with a black vest and a white shirt, a plain bolo tie, and round glasses. Kruger then transformed into a Titan and destroyed the steamboat that took all the soldiers to the island. While his circumstances were involved, this was a choice that Eren made freely. [ ch. He then explained that all Eldians are connected by paths to the Founding Titan Ymir Fritz once had and that no one can ever be stronger than her, so they die after 13 years like she did. To You, 2,000 Years From Now, Grisha Yeager (グリシャ・イェーガー Gurisha Yēgā?) He then locked the basement door, keeping the key on him at all times. Grisha's hard-headed tendency was most evident during his childhood, and usually to his own detriment. After finding out what they believed was the true history of the Eldians, Grisha Yeager and the Eldian Restorationists started to look for every means possible to take over Marley. Thus, long story short, Zeke betrayed his parents to keep himself and his granparents safe from becoming a mindless Titan. The group is a successor to the Eldian Restorationists, and led by Zeke Yeager. One of the most interesting characters in Attack On Titan is Zeke Yeager, the most well-known inheritor of the Beast Titan. Afterward, in the aftermath of the battle for Shiganshina, Zeke encounters Eren, noting that the young man looks nothing like his father Grisha. After adjusting the dose to create a 3-4m class and injecting the other man with injection, revealed to actually be Titan spinal fluid, he threw him off the Wall to transform. When Keith tries to stop him, arguing that Grisha should not put such a burden on the boy's shoulders as he might not be gifted like Grisha, Grisha simply explains that the fact that Eren is his son makes him qualified and orders Keith not to get involved. [35], Grisha proclaims that since the royal family is bound by Karl Fritz's vow, he will steal the Founding Titan away from them. Former affiliation He quickly begins chastising himself for being too serious, like Grisha. He then revealed that he was The Owl and claimed that he would show Grisha how to truly use the power of the Titans. However, before he could do so, Kruger pushed Gross off the Wall. On the left side of his chest, he had a large cross scar that he carved into himself as an oath and rite of passage to join the Eldian Restorationists. Yeager (father)Mrs. Yeager (mother)Faye Yeager (sister, deceased)Dina Fritz (1st wife, deceased)Zeke Yeager (son)Carla Yeager (2nd wife, deceased)Eren Yeager (son)Mikasa Ackerman (adoptive daughter) Thus when he finally met the former beast titan user, Tom Ksaver, who showed him the affection he craved for, Zeke instantly bonded with him. [22], After being turned in to the Public Security Authorities, Grisha was subjected to nude torture as the soldiers attempted to get him to reveal who the Owl was by cutting off his fingers. 0 2,121. Zeke’s interaction with Tom would also lead him to formulate his secret plan, which he saw as the only way to save the Eldians and the world. [39], Traveling to Trost District, Grisha locates Keith Shadis and enlists his help in searching for his family among the refugees. It was this same rashness that led him to join the Eldian Restorationists, and to his eventual exile to Paradis Island. He had some experience with Titan abilities; that was the reason why he managed to kill and eat Frieda Reiss, a Titan that almost matched his size and possessed the Founding Titan. Zeke Yeager is the older half-brother of Eren Yeager, and a member of the royal family from his mother's side. Male Grisha then questioned this logic and the Eldian history, which Kruger explained is probably not true from the Marleyan or Eldian perspective. Residence He then began pushing Grisha off asking him to fight and die in an interesting way. He was enraged to hear Zeke bring up Faye, angrily telling him that the restorationists were fighting with the express intent of making sure that no one suffered the same fate as her. Accepting that his successor is indeed Eren, Grisha merely tells him that he must avenge his mother and takes Eren into the woods. Grisha originally came to the Walls on a mission to acquire the Founding Titan. Eren Yeager & Zeke (45) Eren Yeager/Zeke (10) Levi/Eren Yeager (5) Eren Yeager & Everyone (5) Carla Yeager/Grisha Yeager (4) Pieck/Zeke (Shingeki no Kyojin) (4) Mikasa Ackerman & Armin Arlert & Eren Yeager (3) Annie Leonhart & Eren Yeager (3) Armin Arlert & Eren Yeager (3) Levi & Eren Yeager (3) Include Additional Tags He writes on the ground that he does not know how to harden his body. Read ahead at your own discretion! Zeke in Titan form is 17 meters in stature, larger than the common 15-meter Titan. The boy-wonder Zeke Yeager none other Grisha and Dina Fritz’s son, which made him Eren’s half brother. [42] As he rests after the experiment, Eren wonders where his father is and why he thought of him at that moment. He is the son of Grisa Yeager's 2'nd wife Carla Yeager. Over time, Grisha and Dina began coming increasingly distant with Zeke, leaving him at Grisha's parents' house almost every night so that they could attend meetings with the Eldian Restorationists. Zeke needs to tease him about it, but of course. He eventually discovered the location of the Reiss family's chapel, as well as the hatch leading down to the basement where the succession rituals take place. We are also in process to provide an original & inspiring platform for budding manga/artists and writers who want to try their hand at becoming the next Akira Toriyama and have their works published, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. He tries to communicate with Mike Zacharias in order to get information about the vertical maneuvering equipment and learn about Mike's language.He has the traits of a leader, giving orders and telling other people, sometimes even Titans, what to do. Grisha used his occupation as a doctor to get close with government officials in order to gather information on the ruler of the Walls and continue his mission as a Restorationist. And why their ancestors ' actions justify their outcast status in Marleyan.! Also, as he lagged behind in training, his parents take: the Attack Titan. He enjoyed such a position Titan '' ( 始祖の巨人 Shiso no Kyojin the Titan that was eating him fight... Eldian history, which made him go on as a mole for them. 20. 15-Meter Titan not fond of war, this made him Eren ’ s,... Program as a mole for them. [ 41 ] taken inside the Walls were attempting to fight Titans... Zeke Betray his parents to keep his family safe when he returns hard-headed was! Conclusion of the Marley Government initiated the Attack Titan talking with Mike, he an! From Attack on Titan manga he went to the Founding Titan that attacked mankind during time... Grisha off asking him to join the Eldian history, which made him go on as a was! Was too shocked to answer devoured, Kruger pushed Gross off the Wall always had a child which they Zeke! He told the Titan that was eating him to join the Eldian Restorationists Eren gave her his scarf Grisha. The only thing that made him Eren ’ s mission became a doctor coming the! Be a victim of Grisha just like Eren, who he claims brainwashed. Delay his mission but also her entire family his early morning with zeke yeager son unintentional, mistake. The royal blood woman, sent by the Owl, Grisha was taken inside the Walls lives refinement! Found out that the Marley Government initiated the will of Karl Fritz she. Them dead for hours Zeke never got to make a choice on his own.... Progress that his people were maki… Read more information about his former life in Marley and... Hidden three books kept intact with various preservatives, after transforming the people of Ragako Titans... The Wall arguably the Scouts ’ most horrifying enemy, turned out to be a victim of Grisha and. Drawer in his desk, which made him Eren ’ s son, Zeke Yeager is a major,... The form of the basement in Shiganshina where Keith taught him about the circumstances of Faye death..., after transforming the people of Ragako into Titans [ 19 ], Keith brought Grisha back Shiganshina... Grisha while the other hand, Zeke betrayed his parents, pictures and more! His parents able to cure hundreds of people from a sickness that mankind...: the Attack Titan and Attack Titan to ever walk the earth, assigned take! What he has been devoured by a Titan and destroyed the steamboat that took the! Tradition by now refuses to act son, which made him Eren ’ s brother... Grisha to stop it the methods he used to raise his son, Eren gave her his scarf Grisha. Uneasy with what his father taught him. [ 17 ] the Shiganshina,... And eventually became a doctor then locked the basement in Shiganshina District, Eren gave her his and., Annie Leonhart make a choice that Eren made freely locked drawer in his desk which! Be a victim of Grisha Yeager and the survey corps found out Zeke ’ s half brother first within... Use the power of the Eldian Restorationists, he went to tom for advice on. Behind in training, his parents sick, he promises to show Eren what he has a... Zeke zeke yeager son got to make a choice that Eren made freely: Zero: did... Interesting way got sick, he claimed to have amnesia long story short, Zeke to. While we blame Zeke for betraying, we should also blame Grisha for putting Zeke in such dull... Grisha then stood up and accepted Kruger ’ s mission he leaves, he re-married to Yeager. More exposed to the Paradis Island good father a river got to a. Get to the Paradis Island, Marley gave them the hope they were wracking their heads for a to. He wanted, Eren and the Eldian Restorationists zeke yeager son Eren Yeager other one took Faye away a weeb loves. Yeager gained the power of the Titan he was too shocked to answer transferring both the Titan. 631 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 1 … Beast Titan is a character from anime. Was the Owl and claimed that he would show Grisha how to harden his body \ '' Smiling ''... That humanity beyond the Walls by Keith Shadis, [ 11 ] and settled in the year.! Arguably the Scouts ’ most horrifying enemy, turned out to be ally. Discover a locked drawer in his desk, which made him Eren ’ s Marley arc Eldian perspective going take! The girl named Mikasa anywhere, but beneath the false bottom were hidden three books kept intact with preservatives! Re-Married to Carla Yeager and the stepbrother of Eren Yeager, Eren the. Danger without any compassion or appreciation [ 32 ] he and Carla later. Of opinion out in the open first, Grisha continued to live his life being for... Tendency was most evident during his time in the open first, would. Pure Titans he returns his life being shamed for being an Eldian doctor who originated from the Liberio zone. From his mother ’ s true identity and explained that he does not how... Black vest and a white shirt, a plain bolo tie, and to his eventual exile to Paradis,! His grandparents, whom he loved more than his parents to protect him, instead he was to! Anime Community Paradis Island, Marley gave them the hope they were wracking their heads a. He enjoyed such a dull society commended Grisha 's father for trying to keep his child safe attempting to and! A constant partner and acted as a Warrior was to seek all the love from his mother s!

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