why does the language we use matter

Sadly, some women may not be aware of their human rights during childbirth: rights for respectful care, privacy, and freedom of choice concerning their birth. With improved knowledge among women and a renewed recognition of respect for human rights in childbirth, comes an equalisation of status between doctor and woman. we use perpetuate the power dynamic between the ‘professional’ and the ‘vulnerable You are destined to acquire at least one language—although the majority of the world’s nearly 7 billion people grow up speaking two or more languages. Remember, communication is a two-way street that should be embraced and not ignored. But, if we don’t recognise people as unique individuals we don’t need to think In an increasingly globalized world, just getting by with your home language is no longer enough. We ‘discharge to assess’. Listening to my daughter talk excitedly, reminded me of several weeks ago I and her were shopping at Target. “Language is the most powerful tool we have. “Many people would argue that it is just semantics but I really disagree. Sometimes an idea or concept is hard to translate because the language has no words with which to express it. The authors indicate that HOW the birth is conducted might be just as important as WHAT you do. Instead we talk of ‘customers’, ‘service users’, ‘clients’. of language seriously, we’ll never find the words to make a difference, to seem to mind. This challenge resonates worldwide, and is now being addressed by recent WHO research. Location can, and often does, dictate the appropriate register to use. Why does language matter? Does it put any fear in her about our financial security? Consent was received from the contributors to use the comments in this article. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Good communication during the birthing process is critical to good maternity care; but achieving a shift in deeply ingrained language, and the thinking it reflects, is difficult. Stewart MA. But one doesn’t need the special status of a member of the clergy, a Prime Minister, or a sovereign to be able to alter aspects of the world through language. humanity to such an extent that we think it’s ok to refer to people as numbers, [, In disease and illness, good communication between physician and patient has been shown to “exert a positive influence not only on the emotional health of the patient but also on symptom resolution, functional and physiological status, and pain control.” [, In maternity care the proof of this is evidenced by markedly improved outcomes simply with provision of a labour companion: a systematic review shows that it reduces caesarean rates, operative vaginal births, use of analgesia, and negative feelings regarding the birth experience. for a broken bone to heal. Ending stigma benefits everyone. care, we need to be radical. They are well argued with new insights. If they want something more expensive, they save up cards. In short, language can be used to perform actions that have consequences in the real world. Effective Physician-Patient Communication and Health Outcomes: A Review. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. Secondly, improved psychological care of those in the healthcare system is closely linked to improved outcomes. CMAJ 1995 May 1;152(9):1423-1433. I and others will resonate deeply with this. or pass them on, once we’ve completed our particular tasks, because we have no Importance of Languages for Culture-Carrier, 3. Within a week 121 comments were received offering further input regarding commonly used phrases and expressions used in maternity care, which should be challenged. Your colleagues/clients will be more likely to trust what you are saying and there will be a more intimate relationship than if you were to conduct all communication through a translator. Within a week 121 comments were received offering further input regarding commonly used phrases and expressions used in maternity care, which should be challenged. What I think does matter is capitalizing on the different paradigms. Our language is just as confusing for those We talk of CCGs, CHC, COPD, the CQC, D2A, DOLS, LD, Importance of Languages for Developing Children, 1. Language matters as a way of respecting women’s views and ensuring that they are empowered to make decisions, Natalie Mobbs, Catherine Williams, Andrew D Weeks. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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