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“We are going to create the world’s most desirable bottled water” ~ VOSS Founders, 1998 | Water Source acquisition by Norwegian founders; Iconic Bottle Design Established. Love you Mum & Daddy! VOSS Water donates more than 700,000 bottles of water to help aid in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. “During these uncertain times, there is already so much need and now hundreds of families are displaced due to recent tornadoes. “Thank you for taking care of our friends, families and loved ones during this extremely challenging time. Mr. Johnson’s Voss Water donation comes at a perfect time – in response to recent spring tornados in Georgia and as preparations are being made for the 2020 Georgia Hurricane Season – which began on June 1. At the end of Johson’s post are photos and videos of hospital workers receiving their supplies. We must do our job. And as my heart skipped a beat, it dawned on me today is his birthday in heaven. Keep holding the line and stay strong. The VOSS Sparkling range, including Flavored Sparkling, is available in glass. The VOSS source sits in Iveland, a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway. Confined in an aquifer deep beneath the earth, VOSS water lies under layers of rock and sand, which create a natural filter, protecting it from the air and other pollutants. “Otherwise, the water will remain at our warehouse to be utilized for those affected by or responding to future disasters.”, “We are very grateful to Mr. Johnson for partnering with The Salvation Army of Georgia in Doing the Most Good,” said Lt. Thank you all for your tireless, caring efforts. The Rock takes an ownership stake in the company, while becoming the latest celebrity duking it out for your thirst in the bottled-water aisle. (2017) - VOSS launched US Distribution partnership with PepsiCo Food Service, (2018) - Lime Mint Sparkling named “Best New Water Drink” at International Beverage Awards 2018, (2019) - Launch of New Flavored Sparkling in Strawberry Ginger and Raspberry Rose, (2019) - VOSS Today - A Premium Lifestyle Brand Available in Over 50 Countries. The exceptional purity of VOSS, and its uniquely fresh, clean taste, are due in part to the unusually low levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) naturally occurring in the VOSS source. As a Georgia resident myself, it's an honor to be able to support the work you're doing to help the many people affected by the devastation in our area. Two weeks ago he reposted a video from his mother’s Instagram account. Actor, producer, businessman, retired professional wrestler, and former professional football player Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently donated 5,000 bottles of Voss Water to The Salvation Army of Georgia Emergency Disaster Services for … “On this beautiful Atlanta morning my granddaughters and I were outside playing & dancing their version of the siva to their favourite samoan song, Minoi Minoi Minoi,” she wrote. Jonas recently revealed his own tequila, Villa One. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teamed up with Voss water to help keep front-line workers hydrated during the coronavirus pandemic. “His kindness will go a long way to provide help and hope for people in their time of need.”. And, according to Eat This, Not That!, not all "pure" and "natural" bottled water is, well, pure and natural. It was our very small way of saying, THANK YOU. Voss announced the initiative back in May. Johnson and Voss actually exceeded their goal of 700,000 bottles. Our frontline healthcare workers at our hospitals across the country. (2011) - Voted as the #1 Desired Bottled Water Brand In Hotels by USA Today Reader Poll. The extraordinary VOSS purity is matched only by its breathtaking bottle design, which uniquely conveys the distinction of the water within. You inspire us all. “We will reach out to the locations that were recently affected by the tornadoes and deliver any water that is still needed,” says Lanita Lloyd, Director of The Salvation Army of Georgia Emergency Disaster Services. Be the first to know about VOSS' latest giveaways, offers and promotions! @TheRock and @VOSSWORLD teamed up for the Acts of Kindness Campaign where we encouraged you to spread #KINDNESS by…. Johnson often posts videos on Instagram, ranging from shoutouts to people drinking his tequila brand to answering fan questions to singing to his youngest daughter, Tia. On this beautiful Atlanta morning my granddaughters and I were outside playing & dancing their version of the siva to their favourite samoan song, Minoi Minoi Minoi Suddenly, “FALEALILI” filled the air...the beautiful traditional song of the village of Falealili, my late father’s village! Now an icon, VOSS is celebrated globally in over 50 countries, in a variety of sizes with unique and universal appeal. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson shines a light on Patrick Rhodes, a man who took it upon himself to provide lunches to healthcare workers, completely free, to show his appreciation for everything they do. Voss is sourced from a natural spring outside the Norwegian hamlet of Vatnestrøm, and it's filtered by completely natural methods so it never comes into contact with any pollutants. The Flavored Sparkling range is currently available in the U.K., U.S., Australia & Canada. (2010) - Introduction of Retail Channel and VOSS’ Availability in High Grade PET. (2017) - VOSS offers its used PET, Plastic and Cardboard packaging to Green Point acknowledged recyclers and traders. I'm proud to be part of this community and send you my deepest thanks for taking care of those among us who need it most now.”, The Voss Water donation from Mr. Johnson was received at The Salvation Army of Georgia’s Emergency Disaster Services warehouse in McDonough, Georgia.

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