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I made this yummy rice noodles for breakfast. Wash the vendakka/okra and pat dry,then slice them thinly. Instant noodles (Magi small pack) - 1 No, 4. Bring water to a boil and cook the rice noodles in salted water according to the instructions on the packet. How to make Vendakka Mezhukkupuratti – Upperi | Okra Stir Fry – Kerala Style : 1. Meanwhile, heat the vegetable oil in a large pan over a high heat. Saute for a few minutes. YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_EjzpNexdKm8, Vada Koottu Curry- Vada Koottukari- Trivandrum Sadya Special, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_6j_ESAUSxs0, Beetroot Pachadi -Kerala Sadya Style Beetroot Pachadi, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_CHwOERE6F9M, Erissery/Mathanga Vanpayar Erissery-Varutherussery -Kerala Sadya Recipes, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_9YXj71Xb2Lk, Puli Inji-Inji Puli Recipe-Kerala Sadya Recipes, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_DAqpSWMihBA, Idiyappam/Noolappam with Cooked/Leftover Rice-Stovetop & Instant Pot Idiyappam-Noolappam, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_RxCmoDlLc7A, Instant Pot Kadala Curry-Black Chickpeas Curry-Instant Pot Version, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_w7pWNZD-EKA, Instant Pot Puttu-How to make Kerala Puttu in Instant Pot, YouTube Video UC0z2R2VitcyfJTr4nNpk7rw_oalP4ipme8s. Add the shredded cabbage and stir fry for another 4 minutes on high heat. Designed and Developed by PenciDesign. Mulaku Bajji-Molaga Bajji-Chilly/Banana Pepper Fritters & Bell Pepper/Capsicum Bajji/Fritters. Adding vegetables “may” make the instant noodles little more healthy ? It was really good; everybody in my family loved it. I’m a Software Engineer by profession, love to taste variety of authentic food from different parts of the world. A quick veggie noodle dish that's great for using up whatever vegetables you have available. Throw in the beans and stir fry for 2 minutes. Add 1 tsp and do a taste test. Hi, I am Jisha, a busy Mom & Wife, author & website developer of Kerala Recipes. Add tomato and saute till it become soft. Neverthless, I cannot ignore my beloved blog baby. Kerala Style Instant Noodles with Vegetables, 1. Excellent and perfect for those cold winter nights on the hills. Add the noodles plus the remaining stir-fry sauce. • Adding onion and tomato or only onion even gives good taste to this recipe. Serve this vegetable stir-fry with Rice or you can have it as a Main dish. @2017 - PenciDesign. It is a good choice for people on Low-Carb and Paleo diets. I can eat vegetable fried rice with Papadum and Salad (I decided to sacrifice non-vegetarian food throughout the lent season) I started to cook a Simple Vegetable Fried Rice with the following recipe. Remember my details in this browser for the next time to post comment. Here is my channel , here you can see my different kerala foods. Add the red onion, shiitake mushrooms, red pepper, chilli, coriander and asparagus and stir-fry for 5-6 minutes, until just softened. 2. Hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali celebrations with your dear and near.We had a double celebration, Diwali and my lil one birthday with our dear friends. Add the cooked rice noodles and toss everything together and remove from stove top. 3. Continue sauteing the vegetables for a few more minutes until the cabbage is wilted. Green chilly - 2 Nos - Slitted (Pachamulak), 6. Tomato - 1 Small one - Chopped (Thakkali), 7. Cook frozen vegetables by adding a dash of curry powder from the maggie noodle packet for 10 mins. Next, throw in the carrots and stir fry for a few minutes. Heat oil in a pan and saute ingredients 1 – 5 till onion become translucent. Kerala Style Mambazha Pulissery | Mambazha Koottan |... Kerala Style Chakka Aviyal | Raw Jackfruit Avial. Potato - A small one - Cubed (Urulan kizhangu) (Optional), 9. When you take a step back from blogging, then it’s kind of difficult to come back. Kerala Style Instant Noodles with Vegetables is one of my favourite snacks. Drain and keep aside. I already have some leftover chicken curry which I prepared for lunch. Add the onions and saute for a minute on high heat. These noodles are versatile and can be mixed with different sauces and ingredients for a variety of dishes. When you stir fry cabbage in butter on high heat, it becomes mildly sweet and I love that flavor. Next, throw in the carrots and mushrooms and continue stir frying for 3-4 minutes. Pallathi varuthathu | Kerala style Orange Chromide (small... Special naadan beef varattiyathu | Kerala style special... Ulli vaattiyathu | Easy chapati side dish in... Kottayam style fish curry | Kerala style fish... Kerala style mutton kidney roast | Gurda roast... Konju Roast | Chemmeen Roast | Prawns Roast... Kerala Style Chakka Puttu | Jackfruit Puttu. Here is a recipe for a quick and easy Thai Style Vegetable Stir Fry. Serve this vegetable stir-fry with Rice or you can have it as a Main dish. God bless u! Add the noodle cake and masala powder (coming along with it) and cook in open pan till done. A welcome change from the Indian Style Vegetarian side dishes. Do not overcook or else the cabbage will become soggy. Heat oil in a pan and saute ingredients 1 – 5 till onion become translucent. Continue sauteing until the vegetables are cooked. You can add white pepper instead of black pepper. Because my kids like vegetable fried rice with chicken curry. In the same frying pan,heat oil and add mustard seeds,urad dal, when mustard starts to pop, add curry leaves and sliced onion. Cabbage is the main ingredient I have used in this recipe. TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Break the maggie noodle cake into small bits and mix into the fried. I’m from Gods own country – Kerala – a state in the south-west region of India. Maggie noodles with vegetables. Continue adding it little by little until you get the right taste. Calamari/ squid/ kanava /koonthal recipes, Basic Crepe Recipe / Dessert with Crepe, Ice Cream and Mango, Kerala Style Dried Mango Pickle Recipe (Ada Manga Achar), Netholy Varuthathu/ Spicy and Crunchy Anchovy Fry Indian Style. Vegetable Poha (Beaten Rice with Vegetables), Sambar Sadham (Rice cooked with Lentils and Vegetables), Curd Rice (Thayir Sadham) – Seasoned Yogurt Rice, Kadachakka Mezhukkupuratti (Breadfruit Stir fry), Chakka Vevichathu (Mashed Jackfruit with Coconut), Kozhi Ularthiyathu (Kerala Style Sauteed Chicken), Fruit and Vegetable Salad with Indian Spices, Fish Curry with Raw Mango in Coconut Milk, Kozhuva Peera Vechathu (Anchovies simmered with Coconut), Spicy Chicken Pasta in Cream Cheese Sauce, Rice Stick/Noodles – 1 packet 250g approx, Slit Red/Green Chillies – 2 (Alter according to your spice tolerance), Red Chilly Powder – 1/2 tsp (Alter according to your spice tolerance). Thanks for the recipe. Instructions. Here is a recipe for a quick and easy Thai Style Vegetable Stir Fry. Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat. All these recipes are inspired from the flavors of Kerala and are being shared from my kitchen to yours. Subscribe and watch now. Add the carrots and peas, before stirring in the brown sugar and soy sauce. All Right Reserved. Fish Fry | Meen Fry Tamilnadu Restaurant Style. Empty out the balance curry powder mix into the noodle mixture.

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