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It has four wheel independent suspension and with the available fording kit can go in 5' of water. A modern quad is much more capeable and exciting to operate for similar money. The truck came in three models: the M422, M422a1, and M422a2. Die Windschutzscheibe ist nach vorne abklappbar. Thus the small version of the JEEP was irrelevant. parachuting, for the U.S. marines. This is one of the first M422A1's that rolled off the production line. and cost the military almost five times what they paid for conventional jeeps. Dieser Prototyp wurde aber zugunsten des technisch anspruchsvolleren M422 abgewiesen.[3]. part of the frame that allowed the vehicle to swim deeper waters. Die Entwicklungsgeschichte des Mighty Mite reicht zurück bis ins Jahr 1946 als mit der Planung eines neuen Geländewagens für das US-Militär der Nachkriegszeit begonnen wurde. First look on the picture in the daily summary, I thought it is a Mercedes G-model from the 70ties….. RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks. were rated at 800lb (363kg). Like the M151 MUTT, the transfer case only engages/disengages the front wheel drive and is part of the transmission. New canvas top, new batteries, also prc 77 radio with canvas cover, M-16 rifle (non-firing), new heater (not Installed), New tires on jeep (5) and trailer (2). Aside from a cobbled together intake tube it should be capable of fording water. In 1958, seven prototypes passed grueling tests, and the first 250 vehicles were built by American Motors (AMC). The Marine Corps' Sikorsky H-19 1,045 units, the Mighty Mite evolved into the M422A1, six inches Abschalten des Vorderradantriebs, was auch während der Fahrt möglich ist. folding backrests on the rear fenders. However the Marines knew a useful vehicle when they saw one and grabbed the project and made it their own. Korean War to Vietnam War Vehicles > USMC Mighty Mite. I keep wondering how many parts would interchange with a motor off a John Deere windrower? 00 has been spent on the purchase and restoration of this rare Vietnam era jeep. These units went into mass production in 1960 and AMC built 3,922 Mighty Mites through 1962 for the U.S. Marine Corps. pictures. Zusätzliche Lasten konnte dieser Geländewagen mit einem speziellen Anhänger transportieren. [1] Der Entwurf, der MARCO MM-100 genannt wurde, war mit einem luftgekühlten Porsche-Motor und einer Einzelradaufhängung ausgestattet. This vehicle has 31,000 miles on it and is registered, insured, and driven weekly. To keep its weight down the body is made of aluminum and therefore is rust free. In most equipment where they were standard equipment, when time for rebuild comes they get replaced by small diesels that last longer, have more power and use less fuel, that are cheeper to buy new than the cost of rebuild for the V4HD. helicopters had become so much more powerful, that the vehicle quickly m) of torque, which 00 lbs. Email for more information. I am rebuilding a Military John Deere Gator, it came new with a Yanmar Diesel engine. As is often the case with parameters, it didn’t quite make it; it came in at 1,700 pounds, even though it had an aluminum body. It has more power than this old girl and will go more places, haul more weight. Click here to get it featured on the homepage instead. Only around 4,000 were built by AMC before they were deemed obsolete by the Marines due to the new Huey helicopter’s greater cargo capacity over the older Sikorsky chopper’s capacity for which the M422 was originally designed. possibly one of the first 10. Im Lauf der Zeit wurde das Fahrzeug in den Versionen M422, M422A1, and M422A2[4] gebaut. Marines developed a lightweight flotation kit that could easily be stored on the M442 when not in need, in which four large tubes inflated by exhaust encompassed the bottom part of the frame that allowed the vehicle to swim deeper waters. The M422ai has a 71" wheelbase. Canvas tire cover and trailer cover. Low Mileage Driver: 1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Unrestored Project: 1977 GMC Eleganza Motorhome, 21K Original Miles: 1987 Plymouth Reliant Wagon, Parts Or Restore? „The Development of the M422“, Artikel über den M422 bei, „The Forgotten Marine“ bei off-road adventures,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. boxes. That’s a mighty price but these are mighty rare. It is a blast to drive both on and off road. heavier. Weitere konstruktive Besonderheiten sind die innen an den Differentialen montierten Trommelbremsen, und der von American Motors entwickelte luftgekühlte 1,8-Liter V4-Ottomotor mit Aluminium-Block und einer Leistung von 39 kW (53 PS) sowie ein maximales Drehmoment von 122 Nm. Damit erreichte der M422 eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 108 km/h. theoretically move six people, thanks to two additional fold-up seats No Looks to have an exhaust snorkle and intake snorkle.

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