transporting carpet rolls

You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. 3,750,811, there is no apparent way in which the winch-controlled line may be used to lift it to a position within the vehicle which facilitates cutting it to size without removal from the trailer. Another object of the invention is to provide an apparatus operable by no more than two persons for lifting and moving heavy, elongated rolls of material in a relatively rapid manner without undue physical strain. A fourth frame member 48 is attached to the second frame member 44 and also to the fulcrum means 30 and then extends to the holder means to provide it with further support. 0 0. An auxiliary frame or rod member 50 extends parallel to the second frame member 44 between the third and fourth frame members 46 and 48 to provide additional strength and to control the movement of a locking link 58, to be described below. This lever arm is connected to the second frame member 44 by a moveable link 58 which is pivotally attached at one end by a pin 60 to the lever arm/handle member 56. with a very unique tilt and power forward while operating a conveyor belt backwards, and then reverse the motion to unload, as shown in the video. 3 must be moved onto another surface that is higher than ground level, such as the bed of a truck, the dolly 20 is used. These materials are applied to the carpet roll at the textile mill where it originally was produced and are designed to protect the material as it makes its way through the supply chain to the end user. This invention relates to apparatus for lifting and moving large, heavy inanimatee objects, and more particularly to apparatus for lifting and moving large, heavy rolls of material such as carpeting. Wrap the carpet with the duct tape several times around to secure the load. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the trailer, as seen along broken lines 3--3 of FIG. An object of this invention is to provide apparatus including a vehicle, such as a truck or trailer, for transporting the roll to and from the job site and which is so equipped that the roll may be pulled onto or from the bed thereof with a minimum of time and manpower, and, more particularly, which permits the roll to be raised to or lowered from a supported position above the bed of the vehicle and thus to be cut or otherwise handled without removal from the vehicle. More particularly, the vehicle includes a closure for the opening which may be supported in a generally horizontal position to provide a work surface on which the unwound roll may be cut outside of the vehicle and adjacent the opening. In the carpet laying industry there has been a long felt need for an effective apparatus capable of easing the bodily stress of handling large, heavy rolls of carpeting at the job site. However, considerable manpower would appear to be required for this purpose, and, as in the case of the framework of U.S. Pat. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. 9. 2A is an enlarged view in section taken along line 2A--2A of FIG. A further object of the invention is to provide a handling apparatus for carpet rolls utilizing fulcrumed lifting devices with adjustable lever arms for altering the mechanical advantage to suit different handling situations. You'd easily get a big roll of carpet down the length of a bus :D. 1 0. As shown in FIG. (SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US), Click for automatic bibliography A longitudinally extending beam is mounted on the ceiling of the vehicle and arms are mounted on and depend from the beam to support the hooks in which the ends of the spindle are received. 2, the plate has a central hole to receive the spindle, and the outer diameter of the plate is at least as large as the diameter of the unwound roll R so that, when the forward end of the roll is tilted upwardly, as shown in FIGS. This invention relates to improvements in apparatus for use in transporting rolls of carpet or the like. Free format text: When in place about the spindle, the aforementioned plate moves into engagement with the inner stop collar. 3. Many installers use the powered carpet mover for maneuvering around a warehouse, supplying rolls to and from job-site’s, positioning a rug or mat in a retail sales center, set-up in an event center or gymnasium, or the removing and delivery of seasonal floor mats or rugs in the front of a department store or hospital.

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