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However, he declines, finding imitations to be 'ugly' and a waste of time. Während die Performance des Monsters am Anfang stimmlich noch etwas dünn wirkt, merkt man im Verlauf schnell, dass sich hinter dem Kostüm eine professionelle Sängerin verstecken muss. When Child Emperor advises him to hang back, his rage only grows, and veins pop out of his face and neck as he contemplates killing the S Class heroes to maintain his image. He is probably the same species as Ugmon even though he seems afraid maybe because ugmon made him uncomfortable about the fact he is ugly as hell in real form and trying so hard to avoid Ugly Fuhrer from getting close to him. Der Engel überrascht mit seiner tiefen Stimme, die er beim Song "Sweet Dreams" von Marilyn Manson voll zum Einsatz bringt. PS if you're wondering which chapter this is, it's after the monster Association arc and the Garuo fight has ended. After that, that's when he began to change his form so I think sweet mask really is a monster that's able to maintain its human form. [13] He leaves with various other heroes to attack the Monster Association.[14]. The feelings of jealousy or inferiority turn into hatred, covering their hearts with darkness dyed with evil. The other heroes watch shocked and Sweet Mask lectures Genos about implementing "justice", as well as telling him how disappointed he was with the latter after the Deep Sea King incident and with the most recent destruction of A-City before he walks away. Sweet Mask is in a studio pondering the thought about the beauty of strength and Saitama. [6], Sweet Mask criticizing the S-Class heroes. She taunts the hero for letting his guard down but is shocked when she sees that the hero's eye isn't bleeding and that instead, his eye and face are merely cracked. This momentary distraction creates an opening for Sweet Mask, who disarms Do-S' of her whip and slams her head into the wall, presumably killing her. He finally comes out from the rubble, having decided to take Saitama’s advice at heart to let out his true form to fight and restart his new heroic life.[19]. Pesky Clown manages to momentarily overpower the hero and attempts to pull all of the hero's limbs off. :D. Yeah, he's definitely a monster of sorts. The Monster Makers ready made Head Sculpting Busts are reusable head forms that are great for use as bases in creating masks and prosthetics. Directly after the formation of the Hero Association, Sweet Mask passed the entrance examination and became a hero. The freed mercenaries rush towards Sweet Mask and ask him if he's alright, but the hero claims he's fine, the damage had already regenerated. One-Punch Man Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Do-S tells Sweet Mask that she is a fan of his, and wants to spend some time with him alone, in exchange for 'unbrainwashing' the slaves. Medium fits most narrower faces. Hello there! Though Sweet Mask and the others are able to land several blows on Garou, he is able to defeat them all, striking Sweet Mask brutally across the face. Sweet Mask hosts a meeting with other Hero Association staff to discuss a new project called Supreme Hero Production Project that would feature Saitama. Maybe his mother was human and his father a monster? Once on the surface, Sweet Mask feels ashamed at his overwhelming defeat until he sees the other heroes staring at him, at which point his fear turns to anger that they're looking down on him for requesting help. She dresses in a BDSM outfit made of straps and held by metal rings revealing her figure and accentuates her c… Sweet Mask is later seen exploring the underground base with the head of a monster in his hand. He retaliates with a strong punch to the face which draws heavy blood, and manages to break the monster's arm before pummeling him with a barrage of blows. He quickly destroys the machine and moves on. Sweet Mask mocks them and their master. While not being a particularly large person, he is shown to be quite muscular. Tatsumaki berates him for failing to save the Narinki Squad and for struggling against Fuhrer Ugly, denying his request for aid. Cell mutation is part of his specialty like ugmon, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. An ancient serpent-like water monster with reptilian traits and many heads that multiplied if they were cut off. "The Masked Singer" Staffel 3: Kostüme und Masken. Well, there's always a possibility that he's one of House of Evolution experiments. Yeah there's definitely going to be some kind of zarbon thing going on. This well-known monster was a three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades. Slow the spread with a customizable face mask. Check the sidebar for information! is there a possibility of Sweet Mask beeing a monster because he was able to reattach is arm and his look sometimes where the veins in his face are about to burst. He decides to act diplomatically for now. The Bearded Worker then shows Sweet Mask a video of Saitama defeating the Deep Sea King in a matter of seconds. Once the hero reveals his hideous appearance, the crowd gasps in shock and horror. The hero mentally pictures his attack of decapitating the entire squad with his bare hand as they try to attack him, but before he can follow through, the disciples rejoin the fight and intervene. Saitama sees Sweet Mask's grotesque appearance and calls him cool, complimenting him for standing up to Pesky Clown and revealing his true hideous nature. Expandable to fit over the nose and down to the chin. He wears a tight black long-sleeved shirt and loose fitting white martial arts pants, similar to his former master Bang, with a yellow belt wrapped around his waist. Sweet Mask eventually returns to the battlefield to fight the executive monsters with the other heroes. He now believes the monster to have grown to dragon level and debates if he should use his true form, thinking that it will ruin his status as an idol. The Large is great for wider faces. The host of the show asks Sweet Mask what he thinks about the current situation, to which Sweet Mask replies that he is only a hero when he fights evil and that currently, he is here to promote his new song as a singer. Sweet Mask decides to grab Saitama by the face, goading him to fight back and kill him, but instead, Saitama tells the monsterized hero to hold on tight, referring to holding Saitama's cape to leave the scene. Das Rätselraten der Masken geht in die letzte Runde! [1], At some point in the past, Sweet Mask was saved by Blast, which served as a very important memory for him. However, as he continues to explore the base he encounters Fuhrer Ugly. The three disciples decide to trust Sweet Mask and retreat, leaving him alone to face Do-S and the brainwashed Narinki Squad. Caucasian Eagle. Sweet Mask sees this as the opportunity for Saitama to cement himself as the symbol he'd envisioned him as and tells Saitama to kill him. Das macht auch Sinn. Before a fight could break out, King enters the meeting and manages to convince Sweet Mask to back down. His beautiful face gave him the hero name "Sweet Mask. im just asking because of #119 we found out that it is possible to keep the human form as a monster which makes this very debatable. now to my question or theory whatever. Almost like a reverse monster. Saves the time and expense of making your own lifecasts. I don't know if he's a monster. Sweet Mask replies that they do not need him for a trivial task such as promoting someone to B-Class and even states that he only wants a say in promoting people to A-Class and higher, as they tend to have a strong influence on the association's image. After the defeat of the Dark Matter Thieves and the fall of their spaceship Sweet Mask appears and mocks the S-Class Heroes for being unable to prevent the destruction of A-City much to Metal Bat's anger. The monster then puts Sweet Mask in his mouth to consume him, but Sweet Mask manages to pry Pesky Clown's jaw open. Iaian apologizes to Sweet Mask for the misunderstanding and that they're still heroes-in-training. Sweet Mask's revelation on his true form becomes the Neo Heroes' great advantage, as it damages the Hero Association's reputation even further. You've just blown my mind, I really like the theory of a monster becoming obsessed with heroism enough to turn visibly human like that, and with SM's character, it really fits! The Hero Association staff wonders how they couldn't have seen Sweet Mask's true nature, noting that Sweet Mask often used his chopper to avoid Bofoi's advanced security detection on Mysterious Beings. Shipping to : Free. Lernaean Hydra. Sweet Mask views this statement as nonsense and derides the three swordsmen not only for misunderstanding the intentions behind his instructions, but for intervening in the battle, and even though it went well, their actions were still unforgivable, and he would report them to upper management. Sweet Mask watches the scene in silence, though his lapse in focus allows the presumed-dead Do-S to strike.

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