spanish water dog temperament

The American Kennel Club maintains a list of Spanish Water Dog Breeders. SWDs are also strong chewers and enjoy a substantial knuckle-bone from time to time, which may also help to keep their teeth clean. They love to be around its people and are very affectionate towards them. The Spanish Water Dog temperament is highly active and energetic with strong devotion and receptiveness to training and commands. Things to Consider. While some owners do encounter occasional food allergies with their Spanish Water Dogs, the breed should do well on a high-quality dog food, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared with your veterinarian’s supervision and approval. The temperament of the Spanish Water Dog deserves special consideration. Spanish Water Dogs benefit from a good run at least once a day. If the coat is not clipped frequently, it will form cords, which some people prefer. Topline is straight. Spanish Water Dogs are smart and driven, so they are very trainable. Intelligent, loyal, protective, and diligent, the SWD is a lively, alert breed that is extremely task-oriented. These dogs are very loyal to their owners but can be quite wary of strangers. With the right motivation, you can train them to do just about anything. Pasterns are strong and flexible. Treats can be an important aid in training, but giving too many can cause obesity. Since April 2011, the Spanish Water Dog Club of America has been the official AKC Parent Club for the Spanish Water Dog. If you cannot find the right match through adoption, you can look into purchasing a Spanish Water Dog through a responsible breeder. Otherwise, they become bored and they get into mischief. Due to their breeding as working dogs, SWDs are apt to focus solely on whatever has their attention – often to the detriment of other animals and people. The Spanish Water Dog has been eligible to compete in Companion events since January 1, 2008. The entire body, including the head, should be well covered with hair. Check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet. Older dogs are calmer, are usually housebroken and past the puppy teething stage. One theory suggests it was brought from North Africa by the Moors who once occupied Spain. Shoulders are well-muscled and well-laid back and approximately the same length as the upper arm. In October 2011, the group designation for the Spanish Water Dog changed from Sporting to Herding per a request from the Spanish Water Dog Club of America. Their masters would use them to herd livestock, hunt, and retrieve items from the water. Your dog may try to herd the neighborhood children or the family cat! Since this sometimes happens, your breeder may occasionally have an adult Spanish Water Dog for sale as well as puppies. The Spanish Water Dog is a herding breed. He is a loyal, vigilant, and intelligent working dog with strong herding instincts. Unlike other breeders, my girls have rich and full lives before they are bred bringing maturity and confidence to the whelping experience. Upper thigh is well muscled. They form close bonds to their families and they will guard the homestead from intruders. Until recently, the breed was practically unknown outside of Spain. This dog will be the star student of the obedience class. They thrive on the problem-solving nature of positive training using a clicker or similar training style. There are also a number of national adoption websites such as that will allow you to search by breed and zip code. AKC Marketplace is the only site to exclusively list 100% AKC puppies from AKC-Registered litters and the breeders who have cared for and raised these puppies are required to follow rules and regulations established by the AKC. SWDs are usually strong swimmers, and playing fetch in the water is a great way to burn off energy without the risk of injury that repetitive impact through retrieving on land can cause. In full coat, the facial hair covers the expressive brown eyes. Activity Level. They thrive when they have a job to perform. Keep training sessions short, upbeat and fun. The Spanish Water Dog was recognized by the AKC in 2015 and is its 187th breed. Female Spanish Water Dogs weigh between 31 and 40 lbs. Therapy Dogs Nationwide Assessor (temperament assessor) Therapy Dogs Assessors Instructor (training Assessors) Rehabilitation Trainer; Clicker Trained; Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT 01256) Instructor; Anne has owned a wide variety of dog breeds including Dobermanns, Labradors, Boxers, Terriers, Cross-breeds and an English Pointer. The hair is a single coat, always curly and of a wooly texture. Therefore, they are good dogs for people who suffer from allergies. These dogs are very loyal to their owners but can be quite wary of strangers. They stand between 15 and 19 inches tall. This is a protective breed. Spanish Water Dog vs. Portuguese Water Dog, Buying a Spanish Water Dog from a Breeder. Avoid trainers that employ dominance-based tactics. Dewclaws if present are to be removed. The Spanish Water dog is a wonderful, obedient family dog that does well with children. Next post: Wire Fox Terrier Temperament (Quick, Bold & Fearless): Can You Handle It? Some people think that dogs in rescue groups are “damaged” but this is rarely the case. The tail is sometimes docked and sometimes natural. Stifle is well bent. Copyright © 2011 – 2020 DogTemperament.Com All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise noted. It is best to start training at a young age. Angulation is in balance with the front. The AKC recognized it as part of the herding group in 2015. Good breeders never want their dogs to end up in shelters. High-quality breeders do not overbreed their dogs, so you may have to wait for Spanish Water Dog puppies to become available. They make fabulous all-around working dogs on farms. A rustic breed of the Iberian Peninsula, the Spanish Water Dog is a sturdy, medium sized, well proportioned, athletic dog that is suited to perform a variety of tasks including herding, hunting, and assisting fishermen. Responsible breeders will screen their stock for health conditions such as hip dysplasia and eye anomalies. Males weigh between 40 and 49 lbs. The Inner Spanish Water Dog Temperament. It is also a very good companion and makes a great family dog being affectionate, loyal, level, happy and devoted. Spanish Water Dogs also make great competitors in canine sports such as agility, dock diving, and rally obedience. This means that as the owner of a Spanish Water Dog, you must keep their minds focused on constructive tasks. © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. The Spanish Water Dog temperament is summed up nicely by the words “intelligent, diligent, and trainable.” The breed is rare and fascinating. Eyes are slightly oblique, very expressive and have a shade of brown from hazel to dark chestnut, with the color harmonizing with the coat. He’s typically very good at focusing on a specific task. Most of the dogs in the rescue program are older, which can be a great thing! The … Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. In profile, the Spanish Water Dog is slightly longer than tall. Loin is short. Not only does this give the girls time to completely grow up (not babies having babies), but they pass their smarts and confidence on to their …

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