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1. Who wrote the article? Primary Sources are immediate, first-hand accounts of a topic, from people who had a direct connection with it. Social media sites have surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans: One-in-five U.S. adults say they often get news via social media, slightly higher than the share who often do so from print newspapers (16%) for the first time since … Trump won. You can read in detail the article about Different News Sources . Hello, I am Samreen Sagheer pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity. There are several news sources such as official documents, governmental officials, witnesses of the crime scene, the victim itself etc. So … Journalists should deal in reliable facts, so it is important that the sources you use for writing stories can give you accurate information about what happened or what was said. In Britain and the United States, television news watching rose dramatically in the 1950s and by the 1960s supplanted radio as the public's primary source of news. The other way to approach selecting and consuming news sources is to read various sources -- some with a left bias, some with a neutral bias, and some with a right bias. Here we are going to discuss the news sources for both. The 2020 Candidates Don’t Know How to Pander to Me. In earlier days many rulers used the technique of drum beat to convey their message through different people or his officials and many rulers carved their messages on the walls or rocks to deliver their message. A new DCCC policy blacklists consultants who work for Democratic challengers. Primary sources may include: Original Documents (Diaries, letters, speeches, notes, meeting minutes, interviews, news audio … 2. Political parties, capitalist organizations, and other such groups or individuals can use news agencies to spread lies to the public and gain immense benefits such as winning the elections, winning a legal case, promoting a certain brand, etc. I have a few ideas. Anything that provides news information for a period of time is said to be a news source. Why was the article written? I am an aspiring writer, ready to give my best. These are the news sources which are prominent in today’s time: Radio: It is an audio medium used by many in today’s time. I’m Trans. Newspaper reports, by reporters who witnessed an event or who quote people who did. Primary sources can include: Texts of laws and other original documents. In our day and age, the Internet allows you to access all sorts of information. A reporters’ diary of covering a story taking place largely behind closed doors. Outside journalism, sources are sometimes known as "news sources". About six-in-ten (61%) of the Republicans whose only major sources of election news (among the eight asked about) are those with right-leaning audiences – talk radio and/or Fox News – say mail-in voter fraud is a major problem. These guides include examples of various types of pre-Digital Age resources such as diaries, news-film footage, and interviews. Such as televisions, radio, press release, press conference, newspapers, press interviews, institutions such as hospitals, schools, colleges, police stations etc. Others are less reliable, but still useful, while some can hardly be trusted at all. How the Democratic Party Is Sidelining Women Like Me, Death Threats and Drained Bank Accounts: Life on the Wrong End of the Mueller Probe, Trump asked if he's lost confidence in Barr after comments to Associated Press, Georgia election official: Effort to overturn 2020 results will drive down runoff turnout, Weekly Education: Coronavirus Special Edition. There are thousands of sources of economic news today. Many research guides created by academic librarians for students define a primary source as an original object or document—firsthand information that was written or created during the time under study. Despite Republicans’ deep distrust of CNN, it is among the more commonly used sources among Republicans, with 24% who got political news there in the past week. What to Look for in an Economic News Source. 2 Fox News Fox News Channel is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.. FOX is clearly Republican and conservative biased. Later in the modern world, all these news sources were eliminated and then press took new elements of news sources. Why are the Trumps worried about increasing scrutiny of the hotel? These are the news sources which are prominent in today’s time: Filed Under: Journalism, Sociology and Media, Sociology Concepts. Newspaper articles are great starting points for research, and can sometimes be invaluable vaults of information, but when you want to use a newspaper article in your paper, you need to know why. As dangerous as Cohn was to American institutions, he never wavered in defending the U.S. against the ‘evil empire.’. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Never depend on a single source. You can unsubscribe at any time and you can contact us here. The main way of judging …

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