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(b)the expenses of constructing or carrying out the work. (a)across the harbour entrance, commencing at a point on the Sandbanks peninsula (reference point latitude 50˚ 40.989’ north longitude 1˚ 56.909’ west)(15) and terminating at a point on the Studland peninsula (reference point latitude 50˚ 40.766’ north longitude 1˚ 57.015’ west); (b)in the vicinity of the confluence of the rivers Trent and Frome, commencing at a point on the north side of the Wareham channel (reference point latitude 50˚ 42.560’ north longitude 2˚ 04.745’ west) and terminating at a point on the south side of that channel (reference point latitude 50˚ 40.607’ north longitude 2˚ 04.435’ west); and by the level of high water within the area so enclosed, including all adjoining creeks, bays and inlets to the extent that they are situated below the level of high water. Located on several of the Harbour’s islands are areas of pine woodland which are home to some of the last surviving populations of red squirrels. Nothing in sub-paragraph (7) shall prevent the removal of the Chairman under paragraph 9 of this Schedule. You can also catch the train to Poole station and the bay is right outside the station. Community ownership (3) It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under this article to prove that compliance with the notice would involve the contravention by any person of any enactment. www.facebook.com/lovepooleuk the Commissioners must take such steps as the authority may direct for the purpose of informing persons likely to be concerned with the modification; and. specifying the steps to be taken in order to secure its release, including any charge payable. (a)that they took all reasonable precautions and exercised all due diligence to avoid the commission of such an offence; (b)that they had a reasonable excuse for acting or failing to act; (c)that the offence was not caused or facilitated by any act or neglect on their part or on the part of any other person engaged or employed by them and that all reasonable steps were taken to prevent the commission of the offence; or. 2. (b)any other charges due to the Commissioners. 16. 2009/1941, article 2 and Schedule 1, paragraph 12. they may recover such expenses from the proceeds of sale. (a)intentionally obstructs any person acting under the authority of the Commissioners in setting out moorings in the harbour; (b)intentionally and without lawful authority pulls up or removes any mooring or any part of any mooring in the harbour; (c)places, lays downs, maintains, renews or has in the harbour any mooring not provided under article 9 or licensed under article 10; (d)without reasonable excuse causes or permits a vessel to be moored in the harbour except at a mooring provided or licensed by the Commissioners or at a quay, jetty or other work provided for the mooring of vessels; or. Summer Species: Bass, flounders, eels and mullet, Bait: Ragworms, lures, lugworm, bread and peeler crabs. 14. 31. Some of the most difficult journeys often lead to the most spectacular destinations. (iv)its removal is necessary to enable maintenance or repair work to be carried out in the harbour or to premises adjacent to the harbour; (d)requiring its removal outside the harbour if such removal is considered by the harbourmaster to be necessary in order to avoid danger to life or to property; (e)regulating the loading, discharging, storing and safeguarding of its cargo, fuel, water or stores and the dispatch of its business at the harbour; (f)specifying the precautions to be taken in respect of apparatus, machinery and equipment; (h)regulating the use of the motive power of the vessel; (i)prohibiting or restricting the use of fires or lights; (j)regulating the discharge or use of ballast; (k)to aid the conservation of any part of the harbour which has been designated, or otherwise has been given special protection or status, under any enactment by reason of its natural beauty, fauna, flora, or archaeological or geological or physiographical features or any other natural features. (a)the length overall, beam and draught of the vessel; (c)its last port of call and destination; (e)particulars of its ownership and of any agents acting for the vessel while remaining in the harbour; (f)particulars of any defect which may affect the vessel’s ability to navigate safely; (g)such other particulars relating to the vessel as the Commissioners may require. Fish standard flapper rigs with plenty of beads and spoons for attractants. Evening Hill is one of the most scenic parts of the whole south coast. The mouth to this huge harbour is relatively narrow with a chain ferry running from one side to another. Copywriter: Lauren Howard (BCP Tourism) Beat the lockdown blues with these top tips on things to do this November. Parking is available on both sides of the road but is pay and display. Under S.I. (6) A Commissioner appointed under this paragraph to fill a casual vacancy in the office of Chairman shall, unless he resigns that office or ceases to be a Commissioner, hold that office during the remainder of the term for which the Chairman whom he replaced was appointed. Tactics: The area at Jerry’s Point is very shallow ground and therefore should really only be fished at night or in the evening. 29. It opened in 1890 and is one of two Victorian parks in Poole. either leaving it in the hands of a person who is or appears to be resident or employed on the land or leaving it conspicuously affixed to some building or object on or near the land. Anything begun under any provision of the former legislation may be continued under any provision of this Order relating to the same matter as if begun under that provision. Where any period of time specified in, or having effect in relation to, any provision of the former legislation is current on the date of the coming into force of this Order, any provision of this Order relating to the same matter shall have effect as if it were in force when that period began to run. (3) The master of a vessel who in response to a requirement under paragraph (1) without reasonable excuse gives incorrect information is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale, without prejudice to any right of the Commissioners to compensation for loss or damage caused. Poole has several urban parks – the largest is Poole Park adjacent to Poole Harbour and the town centre. 2. From birds and invertebrates to reptiles, there are many species present here that are classified as rare and uncommon. (4) If the Commissioners receive a notice under paragraph (3)(b)(ii), they must not exercise powers under section 252(2)(a) or (c)—, (a)for seven days after receiving the counter-notice; and, (i)the owner is not proceeding with the disposal with all reasonable diligence; or. For paragraph (1) of article 3 (Incorporation of the Commissioners’ Clauses Act 1847) substitute—. (2) In this Order— “the Authority” means the Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority established under section 149(1) of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009(); (a)notice has been given to the person in accordance with sub-paragraph (3); (b)a period of 28 days from the giving of the notice has expired; and. Escape the Everyday in Poole this Autumn! 59. 45. The hotspot in this area is to cast a bait near to the entrance of the Poole Park Pond. Holes Bay is situated on the north side of Poole Harbour very close to the town centre of Poole, in fact Holes Bay road runs alongside the promenade where the fishing is done from. the Commissioners may remove the goods to the designated place and recover the expenses incurred from that person as a debt; and. where a notice is served under paragraph (2), at any time after the period specified in the notice; where no such notice is served, at any time after the expiry of a period of 14 days commencing with the date of the removal. Where an instrument or document refers to any provision of the former legislation, the reference shall, except where the context otherwise requires, be construed as, or as including, a reference to any provision of this Order relating to the same matter. (a)the powers under section 252 were exercised in an emergency; (b)before exercising powers under section 252(2)(a) or (c), the Commissioners—, (i)gave the owner not less than 48 hours’ notice of their intention to do so; and, (ii)did not receive within that period written notice of the owner’s intention to dispose of the vessel; or. (b)must pay any surplus proceeds of sale to any person proving to the reasonable satisfaction of the Commissioners within 56 days of the date of the sale to be the owner of the thing at the time of the removal. 1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the Poole Harbour Revision Order 2012. (b)the Commissioners must publish the general directions which have been given, amended or revoked as soon as reasonably practicable afterwards in such manner as the Commissioners consider appropriate. Join us and raise your businesses digital profile on our official Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole tourism websites. www.instagram.com/lovepooleuk references to a local authority have effect as if they were references to the Commissioners; section 236(4) has effect as if, at the end, there were inserted “and in Lloyds List or some other newspaper specialising in shipping news”; and.

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