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I feel this is safer I’m lactose intolerant and I prefer this kind of milk. I’m confused.Reply Higher energy levels , no inflammation , just for the record I am a non smoking very moderate drinker and a fitness instructor so my diet is A1. If you don’t heat the milk, the starter will not be able to culture the milk and you will not be able to make yogurt.Reply and was shocked that I could only find UHT stuff! Most of the Western European countries consume mainly UHT milk – it’s a common household stable and it’s convenience is fantastic! I purchase and consume milk everyday, instead of coffee, and i have had some major heath issues arise suddenly. I was wondering why this hadn’t been mentioned. Otherwise, you can check out the very limited listings at and ask around at your local farmer’s markets.Hope that helps!~KristenReply I drink milk of all kinds, so I’m not trying to antagonize. You can find the link here: and was shocked that I could only find UHT stuff! Abandoning pizza, chips, soda, etc. It’s a junk food like everything else sold by the big food industry.Reply It’s fine, it’s an acquired taste, just like sea urchin or rabbit.Reply It sounds horrible..! So it doesn’t matter if UHT breaks down proteins, it is just saving a step that would normally happen 30 seconds after drinking milk anyway. So it’s mostly down to personal taste. When you cook food, you denature proteins, it’s the same process. Not only does this stuff taste like crap, it is often adulterated with thickeners because it is so damaged that the mouthfeel is wrong. It’s terrible for you, and only drunk by so many Americans because the corporations selling it spend millions on advertising and on lobbying the government telling you it’s ‘healthy’. In tea, for example, it imparts a unique taste that I find myself craving from time to time. I think you’re working for the other side– people who make raw milk, which I’m really against. “, I don’t see any point in drinking it. But the theory heated milk is hard to digest is just someone’s guess. I can enjoy raw an Uht milk… both are god. I tried to make yogurt with it and it just won’t culture. My first thought when I read the article was that the title should be “Just Say No to UHT Milk Because it Tastes Funny”. Allergy 2008: 63: 882–890. Try it yourself.I have Crohn’s. Allergy 2008: 63: 882–890. It taste is quite creamy then other milks. I searched high and low for a milk that we could drink since we are allergic to corn. Thanks for your comment, Erika. If we want to believe we’re a country that has food freedom we need to change ourselves.So yes though I disagree with some of the pro raw milk drinkers out there, i think it is absolutely unjust and unfair for the USDA and FDA to outlaw the practice based on century old findings.Reply Cat saysHello I do love this blog and have today just received my first kefirgrains. I, too, make my yogurt from UHT milk and it’s fabulous. hp saysRaw milk is the ‘King of Foods’ and nothing else even comes close!Still, pretty sure milk from Guernsey and Jersey(my favorite) cows is far better than the milk from the far more prevalent Holsteins.Perhaps another article which expands on this would be helpful.Reply I have to say that sometimes I prefer the taste of UHT over plain regular milk. UHT milk doesn’t support this process, and people drinking UHT milk in lieu of fresh milk will be operating at a loss.2.Taste is a personal preference. Our body was never intended to handle fat molecules obliterated into particles so tiny that they stay suspended in the milk rather than rise to the top.

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