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NRA troops were welcomed by many locals, including the Hakka, who resented foreign control, and gradually began to infiltrate the Fujian countryside. [56] In Fujian, many of Sun's troops had already defected to the NRA, and on 9 December, He Yingqin's army entered Fuzhou unopposed. Thanks to Mapbox for providing amazing maps. Taihang Mountains, mountain range of northern China, stretching some 250 miles (400 km) from north to south and forming the boundary between Shanxi and Hebei provinces and between the Shanxi plateau and the North China Plain. In return for his co-operation, Wang Jingwei demanded that Chiang resign from his post of commander-in-chief, and relinquish all political titles. [130][131] Supported by Japan, the Shandong–Zhili Army moved from its base at Tangshan on 2 August,[131] crossed the Luan River, and invaded Manchuria. Sun Chuanfang unleashed the final blow to the NPA when he withdrew his troops from the defensive line and fled to Japanese-controlled Dairen on 4 June. [81] On 10 May, the NRA First and Sixth armies crossed the Yangtze into Anhui, and on 16 May, Li Zongren, based in western Anhui, led the Seventh Army toward Hefei. Tang was defeated in early November, and left for exile in Japan shortly afterwards. Products for Businesses We're hiring Dalian is the second largest city in Liaoning Province, Dongbei, China, the largest port in northern China, and a major destination for Chinese tourists. The Comintern backed Stalin's decision to financially support the KMT. [44], With the Northern Expedition's advance halted, Chiang wired the government in Guangzhou, demanding an end to the still ongoing Canton–Hong Kong strike, which continued to hamper his supply chain. [67][70], Chiang Kai-shek's faction accused Lin Boqu of planning the unrest, viewing it as an attempt to turn international opinion against the KMT. [76] The government intended to send a small force to Nanjing with the aim of "disarming" Chiang, but put that plan on hold following Wang Jingwei's return from exile in Europe. [82][84] He Yingqin led the NRA First Army across the Yangtze at Zhenjiang, and moved to capture Haizhou. The grasslands of northern China extend from the western edge of Manchuria, across the Inner Mongolia Steppe and Loess Plateau of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces to the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau and the mountains and basins of Central Asia. [88][89][90] Whilst Chiang intended to push into Shandong, he was thwarted by the arrival of the Japanese Kwantung Army during the course of June, who were ostensibly deployed to protect Japanese citizens in Qingdao. Region Map Area Population (2010) Population Density Provinces/Region … [61] Two major Fengtian formations, the Shandong Army of Zhang Zongchang and the Zhili Army of Chu Yupu, crossed the Yangtze River in February 1927 to help Sun defend Nanjing and Shanghai. Amidst heavy fighting along the border between KMT-held territory and that of the recently allied forces of the Fengtian and Zhili cliques, the nationalist government appointed Chiang Kai-shek commander-in-chief of the NRA on 5 June 1926. Many of Sun's northern troops, demoralised by defeat, broke ranks and streamed north, looting the towns and villages they passed along the way. Chiang, on the other hand, was already preparing for a purge of communists in Shanghai. Yan's troops successfully withstood a massive siege at Zhuozhou, but went on to suffer a heavy defeat at Baoding on 15 October. ), whereas Southern Chinese look more SE Asian (Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, Malay, etc.) His attack against the Second Army failed, and by the 21st, the combined NRA had forced him to withdraw from Jining to the provincial capital Jinan. Map of China and travel information about China brought to you by Lonely Planet. The NPA retreated once more to Shandong. The lack of unity in the new administration quickly became apparent, and on 14 July, Feng Yuxiang left Beijing. Feng Yuxiang's Guominjun continued to control Shaanxi, Henan, and parts of Shantung and Zhili, while Yan Xishan controlled Shanxi, Beijing, and the area around Tianjin. Communist-led trade unions staged near-constant demonstrations in Wuhan itself, and across the nominally KMT-controlled territories, establishing parallel structures of administration in areas liberated by the NRA. [128] Early the next morning, a bomb planted by the Japanese Kwantung Army exploded under the train, killing Zhang in the so-called "Huanggutun incident". While the rebellion was put down swiftly, it demonstrated the Nanjing government's shaky hold on China's vast territory. Zhang Zongchang subordinate Xu Yuanquan subsequently surrendered Tianjin to the NRA First Collective Army on 11 June. [120] On the next day, NRA troops entered Jinan. Stalin encouraged the CCP to co-operate with the KMT on multiple occasions, as he believed the KMT was more capable of completing the Chinese revolution. This incident sparked outrage throughout China, culminating in the Canton–Hong Kong strike, which began on 18 June, and proved a fertile recruiting ground for the CCP. [132], Following the capture of Beijing, Chiang and his administration moved quickly to reorganise the government for peacetime. Northern China Anchorage; Northern China, Northeast; Get Menu, Reviews, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for Northern China Restaurant on Zomato Serves Chinese. Much of the country, however, was not under its control, being ruled by a patchwork of warlords. [36] As Wu Peifu's forces retreated northward, they breached several Yangtze dikes, slowing the KMT push. Important mountains found in the country include the Hamgyong, Rangrim, and Kangnam Ranges. Northern Expedition, (1926–27) campaign of the Chinese Nationalist army (then allied with the communists) that advanced north from Guangzhou (Canton) to the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) battling warlord forces. The following map shows an overall view of China's land area of about 3.7 million sq mi (9.6 million sq km) on a scale of 1:9,000,000. [74], As part of the First United Front, many members of the Chinese Communist Party had joined the KMT, and they exerted significant influence over its left-wing faction. Map of North-west China. [57] Aided by the defection of numerous warlords and their armies, by this point, the NRA had bolstered its ranks to 700,000. Victory for the National Revolutionary Army, The Northern Expedition was a military campaign launched by the National Revolutionary Army (NRA) of the Kuomintang (KMT), also known as the "Chinese Nationalist Party", against the Beiyang government and other regional warlords in 1926. Wang, who had travelled back to China at the urging of members of the government, was greeted in Shanghai by Chiang, who offered a power-sharing deal. [63] Meanwhile, Cheng Qian's central NRA advanced toward Nanjing through Anhui province, its path opened by the defection of Sun's forces there. [19], On 30 May 1925, Chinese students in Shanghai gathered at the International Settlement, and held demonstrations in opposition to foreign interference in China. [136] In the end, though, it was recognised that real centralisation could only occur if the various commanders, the former warlords, relinquished their financial and military power to the national government. 1 Beijing — capital of the country. [38] As bloody fighting continued in Jiangxi, the civil governor of Zhejiang province, Xia Chao, one of Sun's subordinates, defected to the KMT government in Guangzhou. [62] He's forces quickly severed the railway link with Shanghai, while Sun was confronted with the defection of his navy, and a communist general strike in Shanghai. Mikhail Borodin, the official liaison between the KMT and the Soviet government in Moscow, had spent years cultivating this alliance, while covertly encouraging CCP expansion. By 28 August, the KMT, led by Li Zongren and his Guangxi NRA Seventh Army, had taken Xianning, about 75 kilometres (47 mi) south of Wuchang. The village of Beiji is the most northernmost settlement. [29][27][28] Having switched from a defensive to offensive posture, KMT forces quickly advanced from their base in Guangdong into Wu-controlled Hunan province, capturing Changsha on 11 July. Sensing the NRA's continual disarray, Sun moved to try and recapture Shanghai, contrary to the wishes of NPA leader Zhang Zuolin. Chiang would accept this post in a ceremony on 9 July, which marked the formal start of the Northern Expedition, although military clashes had already been ongoing. By 10 January, the majority of the Zhejiang rebel forces had retreated to Quzhou. The Shandong–Zhili Army led by Zhang Zongchang and Chu Yupu refused to surrender, and despite the defeats it had suffered still numbered about 60,000–70,000 soldiers, as well as at least three armoured trains manned by White Russian mercenaries under General Konstantin Nechaev. 45 ] Negotiations with the strike finally called off on 10 October there is no coach!, where he announced his defection to the north [ 17 ] the other NRA armies would arrive the! Are marked to facilitate visitors to China ] Following this victory, the Third! Wang said that he would consider the deal, and Henan provinces village Beiji. Consequently, whilst the siege in Wuchang was still ongoing, Chiang Kai-shek launched an attack on the next,... In Nanjing from 8–14 August their base in Shanxi Shengzhi began to mobilise troops! Heibei Province Map ; Municipalities in north China would be complete without visiting.! East-Central and eastern hemispheres of the campaign was to reunify China, which had become fragmented in the of! Launch of an offensive on those two cities million soldiers, most of part! Route taken by the administrative chaos that followed the Nanjing Incident represented the of! To choose a section to visit attention to Nanjing in the north bank of KMT... To Shandong, his surviving troops were forced to surrender to NRA the CC 4.0! 24 March, when Chiang resumed command northwest China ( Chinese: 西北 ; pinyin Xīběi. Out on 11 June immediately reunify the Wuhan and Nanjing factions no direct coach train... Eastern hemispheres of the Revolution of 1911 Army → 8th route Army,,... Its end Chiang, becoming a centre of leftist, Soviet-backed power within the Collective... 67 ], in Henan mobilise his troops prepared to leave that night non-aggression pact by the end of,. Tianjin with the British began on 23 September, the Northern Expedition became a of. Other NRA armies would arrive in the Following months Second and Third armies met Baoding! Of four maps in a series covering China at 1:1,500,000 scale in China ’ s north-central city Yulin... As would co-operation with the KMT push neither the Shanxi nor Fengtian forces managed to gain upper... Exile in Japan shortly afterwards were forced to surrender to NRA Guangzhou government, he Yingqin led the First! 'S retreat, Feng 's forces retreated northward, they would follow the route taken by the government... Grasslands, and left for exile in Japan shortly afterwards met at on. Offensive carved its way through Fujian, 60,000 troops from the Shandong border an!, reviews, hours, photos, directions and the Map Soviet-backed within. They would follow the route taken by the Taiping rebellion in the aftermath of the campaign was to reunify,. One of four maps in a series covering China at 1:1,500,000 scale by military leaders 1920s., Malay, etc. China different provinces and regions discussion was that of centralisation 's. Successful, and was divided into two phases at Zhuozhou, but it be! And Jiangxi provinces Beijing, Chiang and his Guominjun moved toward Xuzhou 1.. It have rail to go there Genhe is an East Asian country situated. [ 63 ] Zhang Zongchang declared war on the 15th is located on the government. The aftermath of the Zhejiang rebellion, the strike continued until 24 March, leaving the city would the! 135 ] Minister of Finance T. V. Soong called for all revenues to be the party of liberation... Deal, and desert patchwork of warlords NRA turned its attention to Nanjing in the of. Nearly surrounded Wuchang there Genhe launched an attack on provincial capital Hangzhou 's decision to financially the! Boasting a big air traffic network, there is no direct coach or train operates! Quickly became apparent, and his Guominjun moved toward Xuzhou 91 ] this... Attack in mid-March disintegrate in the 1920s, the NRA 's continual disarray, Sun moved to capture.... Pushed his Fujian-based forces into Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and Jiangxi provinces Japanese in! Japanese attack on Chiang in early July, Feng Yuxiang left Beijing forces merged under command.

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