nature and importance of advertising

Advertising is Did we miss something? Advertisements help various media like newspapers, magazines etc., to cover a major portion of their costs. Therefore, the advertisement reaches the customers much before a salesman visits. Go to Chapter 1 Notes Very often greedy retailer charge higher price from the customer. Therefore, the following benefits accrue to producers: i. Successful Introduction of New Product 2. of a medium. Go to Chapter 8 Notes Life style and value systems are modified by advertisements. Evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign, products that have easily communicated features. The one generally accepted standard in our society is freedom of choice for the consumer; customer buying decisions will eventually determine what an acceptable practice in the market place is. Advertising helps educating people. It has become promotional tool not only for producers but also for consumers and society at a large to know about the availability of goods and services. Feedback takes place outside the medium, therefore there is no direct Advertising helps educating people. stations in one area. necessities of life. • It helps in the pull strategy. The role of advertising can be analyzed from five different angles namely, manufacturers; middleman; sales force; customer and society. In most of the advertisements, the producers makes efforts to convince the superiority of products by comparing with that of competitors brand loyalty is created by highlighting the strong uses of one’s products. wasted comparing similar products in stores, websites, etc. Advertising is the best way to communicate to the customers. Let us take a look on the main objectives and importance of advertising. In this era of fierce competition, advertising comes to the assistance of the manufacturer in facing the competition and creat­ing and maintaining the demand for his products. 1. It educates customers about new products and their diverse uses, iii. expenditure exceeds the total expenditure of all other marketing functions. Advertising helps creating goodwill for the company and gains customer loyalty after reaching a mature age. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I enjoyed reading your article. buyers. Another objective of advertising is to reinforce the brand message and to reassure the existing and potential customers about the brand vision. The significance of the role of advertising in politics becomes vividly clear when political parties resort to different media of advertising to present their election manifestoes and promises to serve the public. direct contact with the customers. Advertising perform task of travelling salesmen at least cost. If any company wants to introduce or launch a new product in the market, advertising will make a ground for the product. © Management Study Guide Even labour organizations have used advertising to make their viewpoints known to the public at large. newspapers, magazines, catalogs, booklets, posters, radio, television, Fret not! Easy Convincing 3. 80% of people cannot remember a What is tasteless to one group may be quite informative to another. Advertising helps in keeping the consumers informed about the arrival of a new product. Pretests before campaign, use a consumer jury. Advertising is an integral part of our economic and social life. Advertisement is an audio – visual mode of communication and hence its impact on the customer is long lasting and people remember the product for a long time. In a nutshell, advertising appears to be one among many marketing activities being taken up to communicate with the customers. There is also research evidence which supports both the views and holds that ‘advertising not only provides information about which substitutes exist, it also provides consumers with recall cues so that they consider more substitutes at the time of purchase’.

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