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McFarlane Toys has produced a number of products based on video games, including Metal Gear Solid, Soulcalibur II (The Xbox version of which featured McFarlane's own Spawn as a guest character), Halo, Five Nights at Freddy's, Call of Duty, Destiny, Cuphead, Borderlands and Assassin's Creed. [22], At the tail end of 2018, news broke that Mattel had lost the rights to create figures based on the characters of the DC Universe to Spin Master Studios after 15 years of producing DC merchandise. In 2017, McFarlane Toys inked a deal to produce action figures and role play items based on the popular Star Trek franchise. [27], The company launched a "toy soldier" range in 2005 with McFarlane's Military. The number of music figures produced by the company continued to grow in number, diversity, and quality in the following years as they acquired the action figure rights to famous properties such as the Beatles, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Slash, Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley.[1]. [16] The company also produces action figures based on the Netflix series Stranger Things. [8] In 2019, it was announced that the company had also gained the rights to create figures based on One-Punch Man and My Hero Academia. They were notably different from the toys common on shelves at the time because of their level of detail in both sculpting and painting. This item will be released on November 9, 2020. In 1998 McFarlane introduced the Movie Maniacs line of figures. The figures did not depict actual people so much as it did their professions, named simply by their job descriptions, such as "Army Ranger" or "Navy SEAL." and were tacked to cardboard backs. [19] Controversy ensued when the company's Star Trek Discovery phaser toy was cancelled just months before its scheduled release date. The Grim Knight™ figure based on the comic book story arc Dark Nights TM Metal that stars in The Batman Who Laughs TM; Batman accessories include two blasters and a base Included collectable art card with Dark Night’s Metal artwork on the front, and character biography on the back Collect all additional Dark Nights Metal Figures; BatmanTM Earth -44, BatmanTM Earth -52, BatmanTM Earth … Series three would further push the boundaries of character selection into fantasy, with Edward Scissorhands, straight action with Shaft, and back into cult/sci-fi with Escape from L.A.. Other media such as story book characters from Where the Wild Things Are have been represented. [2], The company has produced original works, giving a grotesque twist to fairy tale stories such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and historical figures. For the first five series, the figures were broken into these clans: Eternal Dragon Clan, Fire Dragon Clan, Komodo Dragon Clan, Sorcerer's Dragon Clan, Water Dragon Clan, and Berserker Clan. McFarlane Toys 15403-0 DC Batman Who Laughs with Build-A Rebirth Batmobile (Piece 3) Action Figure, Multicolor 4.8 out of 5 stars 889. [28] Others, such as the company's Austin Powers action figure, were criticized for risque language in their sound chips and packaging. Rather it branched out into other forms of media, capitalizing on the popularity of famous rock musicians with the release of figures based on the rock legends KISS in 1997. [9], McFarlane had been a long-time fan of the horror genre and decided to produce his own perspective on the classic monsters with the "Todd McFarlane's Monsters Playsets" line in 1997. [20] The first action figures were released in early 2019, with James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard serving as the inaugural entries in the line while the next figures Michael Burnham and Spock is in production. McFarlane - DC Multiverse Dark Knights Metal Earth - 32 Batman ActionFigure £19.99. All were of stern-looking males in full military gear, with highly detailed weapons and accessories modeled after the exact materials each soldier would be carrying in real life.[1]. [12], In January 2007, McFarlane Toys announced plans for a line of 24 action figures. The series would include alternate timeframes and different takes on the classic characters with Series 10, 20[3] and 30[4] showing homage to the core characters of the books. [1], Production began with action figures based upon Todd McFarlane's Spawn comic series and has since grown to feature a large number of licensed property lines including The Simpsons and "Movie Maniacs" (which features numerous famous horror icons such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, The Terminator, Leatherface, and The Thing), as well as other characters and lines like basketball, hockey and baseball legends, along with characters from video games such as Soulcalibur, Onimusha, and Metal Gear Solid. McFarlane's figures had individual items such as spikes, teeth, claws, and buttons painted individually and packaged encased by hard plastic which surrounded both the figure and blister card, making them more suitable collectors items. When the two could not decide on how to make the toys to McFarlane's satisfaction, he reclaimed the toy rights to his characters and started his own toy company. [23] In February 2019, it was announced that McFarlane Toys had secured the rights to create 6"-12" collector figures based on the various comic books, movies, cartoons, live-action TV shows and video games featuring DC's characters. £17.99. Last month, Todd McFarlane teased upcoming DC Multiverse figures including The Grim Knight from The Batman Who Laughs storyline and a version of Doomsday. [21] The toys proved very popular, and Todd McFarlane later announced that the increased articulation scheme would become standard in the company's product from then on, including their upcoming line of Mortal Kombat 11 figures. The figures were sold separately and each came with half of the diorama from the Great White North set. [1], The first line of Spawn toys ever produced was released in 1994 and consisted of six figures, the hero Spawn and his medieval counterpart (aptly named Medieval Spawn) with Tremor and the villains Violator, Overt-Kill, and Clown, as well as a Spawn Alley Playset, the Spawnmobile and the Violator Monster Rig. DC Multiverse is an American action figure toyline from Mattel (later by McFarlane Toys).Primarily consisting of 6-inch figures, the line is based on properties owned by DC Comics.The line was launched as a continuation of Mattel's DC Universe Classics line, and utilizes the same scale, sculpt and articulation style. [18], In 2005, McFarlane acquired the rights held by rival manufacturer Playmates Toys to produce figures based on the popular Fox TV series The Simpsons.[12]. It refers to a villainous Mechanoid Army. In 1994 Todd McFarlane was working with Mattel to produce action figures based on his comic book characters. We were finally able to get our hands on some of the most recent McFarlane Toys figures from the Dark story with Batman: The Grim Knight. [12] Release of new KISS products from McFarlane continues to the present day.

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