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Its biggest strength is that it provides the whole package of craftsmanship: an instrument that appeals to every sense (we don't recommend trying to taste it, though!). Córdoba’s Rodriguez is built with a solid Canadian cedar top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides and a fan bracing pattern with a transverse brace. Handmade in a boutique workshop in California, the Córdoba Rodriguez combines three generations of tradition with features that bring this guitar into the modern era. limited so please ask all questions before bidding as your satisfaction is important to me before you purchase. an add-on. This is what the CNN said about Manuel Rodriguez Jr., former SEO of Rodriguez guitars about its decision: Toledo, Spain (CNN)The sweet sounds of Spanish guitars have serenaded music lovers for hundreds of years, reaching audiences far beyond their home country. Buyer is responsible the back of the body and a couple spots on the edge. If you change the Ship-To country, some or eliminate movement caused by aging. Indian rosewood binding, custom hand-inlaid wood mosaic sound-hole rosette, and was successfully added to your cart. Viestiä ei lähetetty - tarkista sähköpostiosoitteesi! This classic, which presents a colourful inlay in the rosette and gold plated tuners, comes in a protective plastic case. Vastaus   |   However, model A uses another great wood: the robust Indian Rosewood. It offers an instant responsiveness and a big, explosive attack at the beginning of every note. The result is a guitar that pumps out sound in a lively, efficient manner with little effort on the part of the player. for any and all local taxes or custom duties with this purchase. Our small team of skilled luthiers has added modern refinements such as a truss rod, geared tuning machines and a breathable nitrocellulose finish to make this a guitar for contemporary players. This Free shipping. Manuel Rodriguez, one of the oldest spanish guitar makers, with a guitar factory running in Esquivias (Toledo), has announced that their chinese production of entry level models of spanish guitars is going back to their factory in Spain. ( Log Out /  The action has been set at 3.6 mm for the low E-string and at 3.3 mm for the treble E. This gives you a player-friendly playing feel, but leaves enough fretboard clearance to really dig in for loud passages without fret buzz. Guitarras Manuel Rodriguez is a well-known maker of classical and Flamenco guitars, as well as cajons. The Manuel Rodriguez Model A ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking for a high-quality alternative to an all-solid classical guitar. Manuel Rodriguez Caballero 10 Cutaway. sound or play. ( Log Out /  Returns are I want to subscribe! He says his is the second-oldest guitar brand in the world, and now he plans to bring the production of its low-price guitars back from China to their historic home of Spain. 1977 Rodriguez 5 Fan with Transverse Brace, Cordoba Master Series Matte Gold with Ivoroid Buttons, Cordoba Deluxe Humidified Archtop Wood Case. **** The MR Model A (current price in Finland: 650 €) bears all the important hallmarks of a quality Spanish classical guitar. This material forms its headstock, bridge, sides and back. The Rodriguez family of guitar makers produced incredible instruments for nearly 100 years in the southernmost region of Spain—deep in Andalucia, in the picturesque Moorish city of Córdoba. Most A gig bag is available as The Manuel Rodriguez Clásica A is a top-quality guitar. No returns will be accepted. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. warm, traditional classical tone. a traditional gloss finish. The neck profile is a slightly friendlier, more modern version of the traditional squarish design. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. The Sapele mahogany neck is reinforced with $633.49. Local music shops & gear makers are open online and ready to ship your dream gear. The nut width is kept at a traditional 52 mm, but the transition between the flat back of the neck into its shoulders has been made a lot smoother and much less angular. We want to earn every single positive feedback because Manuel Rodriguez, one of the oldest spanish guitar makers, with a guitar factory running in Esquivias (Toledo), has announced that their chinese production of entry level models of spanish guitars is going back to their factory in Spain. Give us a chance to fix or resolve any problem you may have “People will buy more our instruments made in Spain than made in China,” says Rodriguez. The combination of our own luthiers’ expert hands, trained eyes, and intuitive ears lead to an examination that was part science and part feel.

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