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We direct it and compel it to conform to reason. . Copyright Arizona Board of Regents for Arizona State University. 1370–d. For they lived in days when learning was no rare attainment, and therefore they enjoyed no unique renown. . Bruni moved from there to become Chancellor of the Republic of Florence from 1427-44. Lactantius, we shall find it hard to say whether we invaded by the Turks, he came by sea, first to Venice. It does not treat of first principles, however, but moves discursively from what is already known. Bruni est considéré comme l'un des tout temps historique le plus important. He became secretary to the papal chancellory under Innocent VII and John XII. 7   But we must not forget that true distinction is to be gained by a wide and varied range of such studies as lead to the profitable enjoyment of life, in which, however, we must observe due proportion in the attention and time we devote to them. For example, we find on the one hand people who are contentious, surly, harsh, puritanical, misanthropic; and on the other hand, sycophants who will agree to anything in order to please. First amongst such studies I place History: a subject which Bruni Leonardo, De la traduction parfaite, traduit du latin et préfacé par Charles Le Blanc, Presses de l'université d'Ottawa, 2009. literature are unintelligible, and the art of composition impossible. 30   Choice is so called because one plan is chosen or adopted from many possible ones. We must allow that there is some such end, for otherwise, our desires would be proven vain and foolish, and an infinite progression and many other absurdities would follow logically from this. 17   But Zeno and his followers, the Stoics, who were very strict and rigorous men indeed, were of another opinion about the highest good. First amongst such studies I place History: a subject which must not on any account be neglected by one who aspires to true cultivation. Where, however, this double capacity exists—breadth of learning that women be given advanced education. These things are, if you will, the gravest of all matters. For it is possible for a wise man and good man, learned and accomplished though he be in all virtues, to be reduced to a state of poverty, bereavement or Further, from oratory we derive our store of those elegant or striking turns of expression which are used with so much effect in literary compositions. A skilful orator or See the tomb here. Both this virtue referring to honors and liberality are connected with two great virtues, magnificence and magnanimity. The way to happiness is straight and swift for the good man. a great theologian and profoundly versed in literature. In consequence, they hold that men should be virtuous since it is in fact the virtues which produce the greatest number of pleasures, while it is the consciousness of failings and wickedness, on the other hand, which Hence the two kinds of justice: one is a universal virtue, the other a singular. Greek, which had not been in use among us for seven hundred years. If the principles which orators set forth are portrayed for us by philosophers, it us from the former that we learn how to 3   This leads me to press home this truth—though in your case it is unnecessary—that the foundations of all true learning must be laid in the sound and thorough knowledge of Latin: which implies study marked by a broad spirit, accurate scholarship, and careful attention to details. For we cannot point to any great mind of the past for whom the Poets had not a powerful attraction. By this device you I was they studying Civil Law, but….I burned with is only to be reached by one who has seen many things and read much. attention and time we devote to them. Our learning thus becomes full, ready, varied and elegant, available for action or for discourse in all subjects. Unless this solid basis be secured it is useless to attempt to rear an enduring edifice. Bruni believed that renaissance women needed only some education including Religions/ Theology, Philosophy, and History. Extracted from the electronic text of the Hanover Historical Texts project: scanned, proofread and posted by Raluca Preotu, 1998-1999; proofread and pages added by Jonathan Perry, April 2001. These two traits are reversed in the prodigal man: he is careless about acquiring money and too freehanded in his largess. must not on any account be neglected by one who aspires to true cultivation. .The foundations of all true learning must be laid in the debased style infect our own writing and degrade our taste; which danger is conversation. 4   Now we notice in all good prose—though it is not of course obtrusive—a certain element of rhythm, which coincides with and expresses the general structure of the passage, and consequently gives a clue to its sense. Poet, Others, out of mean-spiritedness, avoid honors—even those that can be sought honorably. Leonardo Bruni [1374-1444] from Temperance is concerned with controlling lust. none of the moral virtues can exist without prudence. (((navigator.appName == "Netscape") && capacity for desire, fear, and all the passions, and, although non-rational, attentive and obedient to reason. 26   There is a certain proper behavior enjoined by law, commanding us to do all acts of virtue and forbidding any acts of vice. In addition, they said, a man ought to possess the corporeal goods and the external goods, not because they are in Without it the great monuments of literature are intelligible, and the art of Nowhere do we find the virtues more warmly extolled, the vices so it, can satisfy us? time, after all—there is also a middle degree in forms of entertainment. Chrysoloras the Byzantine, a man of noble birth and well . The number of moral virtues is larger. Both the lack of good temper, sloth, and its excess, wrath, are vicious; but the mean, which exhibits the proper degree of indignation, against, and on From them we may learn, also, how to express consolation, encouragement, dissuasion or advice. Both these extremes are vicious. any great mind of the past for whom the Poets had not everywhere; and the chance of learning will not fail [me]. Seneca, the austere, not only abounds in poetical allusions, but was himself a poet; whilst the great Fathers of the Church, Jerome, Augustine, . et Literis, 1405). only doctor of Greek letters disappears, no one can be Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, 1912. Indeed, one may fairly ask what advantage it is

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