japanese sweet potato pastry

Required fields are marked *. We'll steam several at a time and save leftovers for breakfast the next morning. Dioscorea japonica goes under several common names. Bake for 30 minutes total, flipping them over at the 15-minute mark. While the dessert has its origins in France going back to the 1600s, Japan is where the pastry is most popular—first appearing on menus in the fall and running through the winter months—and year-round, in many places. Japan adapted, and the Mont Blanc was born, echoing the nation’s familiar milder desserts like kanroni, a sweet mashed potato blended with chestnuts and presented in osechi ryori–like compartments (the traditional foods served in special boxes on New Year’s Day in Japan). Izu is a regular vendor, offering an assortment of fresh mochi by the piece. We are experiencing an error, please try again. Still, there are three ways in which the Japanese sweet potato differs from its traditional counterparts. We love to eat it hot the day we make it, and then have leftovers cold the next day. The purple sweet potatoes naturally stain the tapioca a brilliant shade of purple. As for Sakota’s current recipe at Mont Blanc, which features European-style meringue, “We try to match a current feeling of what is delicious,” he says, adding that the bakery is often tweaking the sugar content and chasing the purest, most aromatic chestnuts found in Japan. “They didn’t have sugar, and couldn’t make sweets, so they used satsumaimo (sweet potato), the sweetest thing they could find as a substitute.” Imagine a cookie factory operating in full production, then having to bake only with rice or corn. “They went back to doing wagashi,” says Sakota, referring to the traditional Japanese style of pastry using mochi and anko beans, as well as teas and fruit. Cover and cook 20 minutes or until tender; drain. Two are made with regular potatoes, and two are made with purple sweet potatoes. There are five widespread types we use in our kitchens. Your email address will not be published. It's harder to find on the mainland, but you may have some luck at Japanese or Chinese markets. There are plenty of ways to dine on Japanese sweet potato—it’s as versatile as it is colorful. Bring to a boil. Add your oil of choice or spices as needed. There is a bakery that claims to have first introduced Mont Blanc to Japan, aptly named Mont Blanc. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A yam is any one of many edible tubers produced by plants within this classification. The flesh is burnt orange in color, with matching coppery outer skin. Joel is also an ultra runner and endurance athlete - and in 2017, he became the the youngest person to run an ultra marathon on every continent in the world to build 7 schools with Pencils of Promise in developing countries.Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Athlinks and read his full bio here. As the story goes, the founder, Chimao Sakota, hiked Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, and was so proud of his accomplishment (or intrigued by the unique spiralized pastry he had sampled), that he is said to have been the first to bring it to Japan, opening his café in 1933 and introducing the cake in the autumn of 1945. This post includes affiliate links. The Hawaii version is slightly different - baked golden and so flaky, filled with everything from coconut, apples, and purple sweet potato. That portion will also give you a small dose of essential vitamins A, B12, and K. An added bonus is that these yams are wholly fat-free. It's basically mashed potatoes, but a sweet version! November 20, 2019 By Joel Runyon Leave a Comment. The latest in food culture, cooking, and more. Please try again. Purple Sweet Potato Haupia SquaresYou can't leave Hawaii without trying a purple sweet potato haupia square. Tamales de Pollo en Salsa Verde: Chicken in Green Salsa Tamales, Chicharrón en Salsa Verde: Fried Pork Skins in Green Salsa. That’s more than the typical white potato (only about 18 grams). Whichever style a baker subscribes to, the Mont Blanc will always represent the union of East and West with seasonality—and a baker’s creativity only adds to it.

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