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Then it's a matter of finding the right international removal company that fits your budget and meets your security requirements. "datePublished": "2019-09-05", Our international moving quotations are all inclusive and include these charges unless stated otherwise. Schumacher Cargo Logistics is an accredited international moving company. The power supply in the US is 110-120v @ 60hz, which is half of that in the UK. Location Firstly, the distance of your end location is factored into your quote. It also makes it easier to notice when boxes go missing. Air freight is the most expensive of the transport methods, but it is the best option if you need to receive your pieces in a hurry, as air freight with have your furniture to your within a matter of days. For instance, electric outlets for appliances vary by country. As you might expect, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a list of items strictly prohibited from entering the country. Anglo Pacific International Plc, acting as agent for The Movers Trading Club are fully licenced, bonded and OTI registered by the OTI organisation number 013636. "thumbnailUrl": "", If you ship furniture abroad using FCL, your costs are calculated on the size shipping container you require. ), Compressed gasses (including aerosols or diving tanks). Don't forget to be realistic in researching new items - look for replacements you'd be happy with, that are to your taste and are available in the area you're moving to. "description": "Move your household goods overseas using an international moving company with over 40 years of experience delivering hassle free moving services worldwide. You can also include some chairs and shelves. Computer peripherals that require their own power usually work on both voltages, again check the power brick. When moving overseas, many people do not have enough goods to fill a whole container. ", Your goods will be loaded onto a container with other people's belongings and shipped to Spain. Firstly, the TV standard in the UK and most of Western Europe is PAL while the TV standard in the US is NTSC. Ask the international removal company to provide you with two quotes. Code of Conduct | tiring task so easy to manage. "ratingValue": "4.7", For larger houses, shipping furnitures would cost you around £3,000 to £6,500. Alternatively we offer a variety of sizes for containers using sole-use international moving. // For your online quote today, complete our form below and our professional movers will be able to help. Furniture / Household Removal ", You will also need a new power cord. Do you need services for shipping furniture? Are you a light packer? They have made a stressful, emotional and This is your best option if you want to save on shipping costs and if you also just have a limited number of furniture that you want to take with you. However, when it comes to furniture, this is the time when shipping can be quite difficult. By continuing, you consent to our use of cookies. Are you good at making decisions and visualising what will work well in your new home? Even without enough to fill a whole container, some will still use their own container due to these benefits. Are you only sending a few smaller items of furniture abroad? helping hand you need. Some computers will play both, but only for a set number of times before they 'burn in' a region to the firmware of the DVD player.CDs, however, are not region-encoded, so anything bought in the UK will work just the same in the USA. You can shrink these costs if you avail of promos and special offers. At this stage you can request a second estimate which excludes certain items, thereby enabling you to ascertain the cost effectiveness of sending those items, customers have found this part of our international removal service very useful. "mpn": "HHG001", Depending on the volume of goods you're moving and the area you are moving to there may be several options for international removals including shared load or full container services. The costs of shipping furniture are based on the option you choose: If you select our LCL option, your goods are loaded into a shared shipping container and you will only be charged based on the cubic volume of your furniture items and the space they consume within the shared container. These questions can cause headaches during an already stressful time because not all quotes are created equal, even when they say they are! It can basically hold one large car, shelves, cupboards, a flat screen television, couches and love seats, two king size beds or 4 single bed and appliances. Furniture shipments typically start at $750, but the exact cost of your shipment will depend on the size and number of items you’re shipping, the distance they will travel, and any special considerations such as glass or delicate woodwork. These include the type of service, volume of your shipment, origin location, and final destination country. With the price of replacement TVs in the USA most people decide it's not worth the hassle! Are you paying for a door to door service or door to port? So being completely sure that removals to the USA is something you really need to do is important. We operate on a door-to-door basis, meaning all the work is handled by our seasoned furniture shippers. However, removal companies provide approximate shipping rates and quotes especially if you post your query on their websites. You can have peace of mind that you are employing the services of a team of furniture shippers who go above and beyond to make each customers experience an easy and enjoyable one, and rest assured your furniture will reach you safely. One of the big questions you may have in preparing to move is what to ship to the USA with you and how to arrange international removals to get it all there. Whether you ship by air or by sea, shipping furniture internationally is complicated. We’ve spent the last 40 years building up relationships with clients and growing our network of overseas partners. Different countries have different duty charges. What's considered duty free, and can you consult international movers like a removal company that does international removals and offers door to door service. There are a some items that most shipping companies won't allow you to ship either due to UK export regulations, safety standards or because of risk of damaging other items in your shipment. With this type of overseas move, customers only pay for the space they use in the container. Cookie policy| Excess International is one of the most trusted furniture shipping companies in the UK. "review": { Counterfeit items or items inappropriately using a federally registered trademark, Merchandise from embargoed countries (a license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control is required), Biological materials of public health or veterinary importance (an import permit is required) (Hawaii), Cost to ship everything - £5000 / Cost to ship essentials only £1000 - Saving = £4000, Cost to replace all non essentials new in USA - £7000, Shipping would be the cheaper option by £3000. Usually, actual shipping costs would always vary from one person to another since there are different services availed by different customers and the total weight of the items are also different. The cost of shipping a container internationally can range widely and it depends on a number of factors. It may not be worth it to ship inexpensive or easily replaceable furniture unless it has sentimental value. The only downside to this is it takes a long time for your items to arrive, though that would not be much of a problem if you are okay with that kind of arrangement. Shipping furniture overseas is possible, but may be expensive. Air Freight is the most expensive way to move furniture to Spain, however it is highly convenient and ideal for those needing their furniture to reach the end destination quickly.

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