how to build a treehouse easy

Step 5: Build the Door and Ladder. Once your treehouse plans have been mapped, start by installing the supports using 2 x 12 cuts of … Step 2: Build Support and Floor. Get a strip of light wood and nail one end to one of your trees at a height about 1 ft lower than you want the floor of your treehouse (to save a future concussion, it should also be at least 1 ft higher than your head!). Step 3: Building Frame. Get it perfectly horizontal with the help of a level and nail the other end to the other tree. With all the main elements in place, the last stage is to put a roof on … Step 8: Finish. Your tree should be sturdy, healthy, mature, and living. Step 6: Build the Roof. Choose the right tree. Step 9: Time and Cost. If the tree is too old or too young, you won't have the support you need for your treehouse and you will be putting yourself and anyone else who goes into the treehouse in great danger. Allow for flexible supports, especially if you use more than one tree, so that trees can move in the … 'Plonk' a roof on it and enjoy. Step 4: Build the Walls. Step 7: Decorations. The health of the tree you select is absolutely crucial for building a foundation for your treehouse. 9 Steps how to make a treehouse: Step 1: Build The First Board.

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