famous descendants of john alden

Josiah Bushnell8 Grinnell (1821-1891) Joseph6 Trumbull (1737-1778) The family tree for John Alden is still in the early stages of research. Brooks8 Adams Brooks8 Adams (1848-1927) Jan Garrigue11 Masaryk (1886-1948) Some Famous Alden Descendants John5 Adams (1735-1826) Robert10 Lansing (1864-1928) John Quincy6 Adams (1767-1848) Henry Wadsworth8 Longfellow (1807-1882) Brooks8 Adams (1848-1927) Jan Garrigue11 Masaryk (1886-1948) Charles Francis7 Adams (1807-1886) Samuel Eliot9 Morison (1887-1976) Henry8 Adams (1838-1918) Sophia Peabody8 Hawthorne (1809-1871) Edwin Hyde8 Alden … Henry Wadsworth8 Longfellow (Zilpha7 Wadsworth, Peleg,6-5 Mercy4 Wiswall, Priscilla3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1) and (Zilpha7 Wadsworth, Peleg,6 Susannah5 Sampson, Priscilla4 Bartlett, Ruth3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1), Jan Garrigue11 Masaryk Adams's career of public service was one of the most varied and distinguished in American history. The business became known as Doubleday & Company in 1946. (Richard H.,9 Mary Blanche8 Head, Orson S.,7 Jonathan,6 Ruth5 Little, Fobes,4 Martha3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1). One of her best know ballets, Appalachian Spring (1958), was a product of her interest in Native American life and mythology and the early American pioneer spirit. Norma Jean11 Baker (1936-1962) Abel Head8 “Shanghai” Pierce (1834-1900) Samuel5 Seabury, Jr. Notable descendants include: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Ichabod Alden, Orson Welles, Dan Quayle, Raquel Welch, Frank Nelson Doubleday, Samuel Eliot Morison, Gamaliel Bradford, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Herbert Henry Dow, Martha Graham, Adlai Stevenson III, Jan Garrigue Masaryk, Dick Van Dyke, Julia Child, William Cullen Bryant, John Trumbull, Ned Lamont, Matt Hasselbeck, Marilyn Monroe and Hayden Alden. Daniel Hudson9-10 Burnham (1846-1912) Samuel5 Seabury, Jr. (1729-1796) Frank Nelson9 Doubleday (Ellen Maria8 Dickinson, Horace,7 Mary6 Little, Ephraim,5 Elizabeth4 Southworth, Rebecca3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1, Herbert Henry9 Dow John ALDEN was born About 1598 in England and died September 22, 1687 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. Descendant of Pilgrim John Alden and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, William Mullins, and Edward Doty. Through the descendants of John Alden, GenealogyBank has been able to discover many family relationships tied to the Mayflower . ♦ James A. Garfield (1831-1881): 20th President of the United States. John ALDEN was born About 1598 in England and died September 22, 1687 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. His skillful handling of this position during the American Civil War is an outstanding chapter in the history of American diplomacy. Adams died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, a few hours after Thomas Jefferson. William Cullen7 Bryant (1794-1878) James Danforth12 Quayle (1947- ) Brooks8 Adams (Charles F.,7 John Q.,6 John,5-4 Hannah3 Bass, Ruth2 Alden, John1). Last Years Adams spent his last 25 years on his farm in Massachusetts. His most popular works include Hiawatha, The Courtship of Myles Standish and Tales of a Wayside Inn which included Paul Revere's Ride." Henry8 Adams He married Priscilla MULLINS About 1621 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. Link to information. (1894-1991) American dancer, teacher, choreographer and pioneer of modern dance. ; son of Charles Francis Adams. George Bird9 Grinnell (George B.,8 George,6-7 William,5 George,4 Lydia3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1) He was secretary (1861–68) to his father, then U.S. minister to Great Britain. Jonathan6 Trumbull, Jr. and (Elizabeth Keith9 Weeks, Harriet Byron8 Hopkins, Anna7 Whiting, Gamaliel,6 Elizabeth5 Bradford, Hannah4 Rogers, Elizabeth3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1) Includes citations for all sources. Charles Francis7 Adams (John Q.,6 John,5-4 Hannah3 Bass, Ruth2 Alden, John1). (1864-1928) American lawyer and statesmen. Ambassador to the Court of St. James in 1913. Granville Stanley9 Hall His ideas greatly influenced his brother Henry Adams whose essays he edited in The Degradation of the Democratic Dogma (1919). They married in 1622 and 10 children survive to adulthood. Henry8 Adams (1838-1918) Sophia Peabody8 Hawthorne (1809-1871) Edwin Hyde8 Alden Page was a strong co-leader until his appointment as U.S. (Charlotte10 Garrigue, Charlotte Lydia9 Whiting, William L.,8 John,7 William B.,6 Elizabeth5 Bradford, Hannah4 Rogers, Elizabeth3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1) (1866-1930) One of the most eminent chemical pioneers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Credit: New York Times Co./ Getty Images. He edited several books, including the Life and Works of John Adams (10 volumes, 1850-1856) and the Memoirs of John Quincy Adams (12 volumes, 1874-1877). John5 Adams Martha10 Graham (1894-1991) Frederica 12von Stade (1945- ) Abel Head8 “Shanghai” Pierce (1735-1826) Link to his literature. The family tree listed here should not be considered exhaustive or authoritative. In his lifetime, Herbert Henry Dow received over 100 patents, introduced many chemical firsts in America, and received the prestigious Perkin Medal in 1930. (1945- ) Opera singer. Priscilla Mullins watched her whole family die during that first winter in America. Her father is reputed to have been Charles Stanley10 Gifford (Frederick A.,9 Charles A.,8 Lydia F.7 Tompkins, Uriah,6 Micah,5 Sarah4 Coe, Sarah3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1) The career of his son John Quincy Adams gave him great pleasure, and he lived to see him elected president of the United States in 1824. (1821-1891) Congregational clergyman, abolitionist, founder of Grinnell, Iowa, and of Grinnell College, friend of Lincoln and Horace Greeley. Mayflower Pilgrims: John Alden (c1599-1687) and Priscilla Mullins (1602-1680) were both the only of their families to land at Plymouth Colony and leave a posterity. In 1861 President Abraham Lincoln appointed him minister to Britain. Soon, Dow moved his enterprise to Midland, Michigan, where in an ever expanding facility, processes and products proliferated and initiated the development of Dow as the worldwide chemical giant of today. (#3912) Edwin Hyde8 Alden (1836-1911) Mary Tyler 8Peabody (1806-1887) Doubleday was sold to Bertelsmann, AG, a Germany-based worldwide communications company in 1986. Senator, Governor of Connecticut, Joseph6 Trumbull (1807-1882) American poet. Robert10 Lansing (Maria Lay9 Dodge, Jerusha Lay8 Sterling, Jerusha7 Ely, Jerusha6 Lay, Christopher,5 Mary4 Grinnell, Lydia3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1) (Hannah7 Head, Daniel,6 Ruth5 Little, Fobes,4 Martha3 Pabodie, Elizabeth2 Alden, John1), James Danforth12 Quayle His exhaustive study of the administrations of Jefferson and Madison, History of the United States of America (9 vol., 1889–91; reprinted in a number of editions), is one of the major achievements of American historical writing. His writings include Admiral of the Ocean Sea (2 volumes, 1942), which won the Pulizer Prize in 1943; the most popular edition of William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation (1952), John Paul Jones (1959), which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1960; and The Oxford History of the American People (1965). He resigned in 1920 in a dispute over the League of Nations. (1806-1887) (Sister of Elizabeth, above, and Sophia, below), wife of Horace Mann [pioneer of the improvement of the common school system, secretary of the Massachusetts State Board of Education, congressman, and president of Antioch College], “biographer of her husband, and (with her sister) a leader in the American Kindergarten movement.” Henry8 Adams (Charles F.,7 John Q.,6 John,5-4 Hannah3 Bass, Ruth2 Alden, John1). The woman who taught Americans the art of French cooking likely would’ve been… Adlai Ewing13 Stevenson III Doubleday merged with George H. Doran Company in 1927, making Doubleday, Doran the largest publishing concern in the English-speaking world. (1947- ) U.S. (1737-1778) (brother of John and Jonathan, above) merchant, Commissary-General of the Continental Army Adams applied it to his own capitalistic age, of which he was a militant critic, but failed to find the universal law that he persistently sought. Professor at Bowdoin and Harvard Colleges. (1915-1985) An American actor and director. Escaped to London after the outbreak of WWI where he became chairman of the Czech National Council, heading a powerful group of exiles who presented convincing arguments for a "new Europe" based on self-determination. John Adams Alden (1763-1843)/Immigrant Ancestors, Samuel Alden (1776-1855)/Immigrant Ancestors, Washington Brown Alden (1799-1859)/Immigrant Ancestors, Ezra Weston (1772-1842)/Immigrant Ancesters, https://familypedia.wikia.org/wiki/John_Alden_List_of_Famous_Descendants?oldid=1376331, Ginger Alden, American actress/model - fiancée to, Henry Mills Alden, American author/publication editor, Isabella Macdonald Alden, American author, Joseph Alden, American scholar/educator/author, Norman Alden, American television/film actor, Raymond Macdonald Alden, American scholar/educator, Raymond W. Alden III, American educator/academic administrator, Scott Alden, American FBI special agent and assistant to J. Edgar Hoover, Vernon Roger Alden, American academic administrator. She is known to literary history as the unrequited love of the newly-widowed Captain Miles Standish, the colony's military advisor, in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1858 poem "The Courtship of Miles Standish".

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