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37. Although C was designed for implementing system software,it is also widely used for developing portable application software.C is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time and there are very few computer architectures for Explain Which a C compiler does not exist. have contributed greatly to the quality of this book. 39) What are logical errors and how does it differ from syntax errors? That’s because memory in this structure can be allocated and remove in any particular order. Preprocessor directives are placed at the beginning of every C program. Yes, you don?t have to write a separate assignment statement after the variable declaration, unless you plan to change it later on. The most probable reason behind this error is that the header file for that function was not indicated at the top of the program. 40. 39. is it possible to create your own header files? 20. 85. Coding Interview Questions - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. You can write you own functions to do string to number conversions, or instead use C’s built in functions. Char can store individual character values. Yes, it's perfectly valid to combine operators, especially if the need arises. It is the process of transferring data to an alternative output source other than the display screen. Also, the prototype for abs() is under , while fabs() is under . Just the same, s!=12, Explain Which means s is not equal to 12, evaluates to TRUE. When storing multiple related data, it is a good idea to use arrays. On the last level is the assignment operator =. A nested loop is a loop that runs within another loop. The % symbol has a special use in a printf statement. “r” means “read” and will open a file as input wherein data is to be retrieved. 79. Why? Instead, use the strcpy function. C is known as a mother language because most of the compilers and JVMs are written in C language. This is then followed by the two equality operators == and !=. What is wrong with this statement? Curly brackets { } are placed before and after compound statements. The char keyword can only hold 1 character value at a time. Home » C PROGRAMMING Interview Questions » 300+ TOP C Programming Interview Questions and Answers pdf. Priority Queue and Heaps 55. 5) Low level (BitWise) programming readily available Selection deals with conditional statements, which mean codes are executed depending on the evaluation of conditions as being TRUE or FALSE. 50. With arrays, only 1 name is used, the rest are accessible through the index name (grade[0], grade[1], grade[2]... grade[9]). For example: if you have a declaration that says "intscores[5];", then you have 5 accessible elements, namely: scores[0], scores[1], scores[2], scores[3] and scores[4]. 45. It takes two parameters, the source string and the string value to be appended to the source string. When none of these are used, it’s called default access modifier. Without initialization, a variable would have an unknown value, which can lead to unpredictable outputs when used in computations or other operations. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. they're used to log you in. Campus Preparation Header files contain the definition and prototype for functions and commands used in a C program. Some programmers prefer this method as a way of organizing codes to make it look clearer, especially in conditional statements. This raises a compile-time error if we try to handle checked exceptions when there isno possibility of causing an exception.

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