can you bake with duck eggs

Making quiches. Personally I think duck eggs are the best for boiling, frying, poaching, scrambling etc etc and make the best egg mayo ever. Drain the eggs and shake the pan vigorously to crack the shells; this lets them cool faster and prevents overcooking. I am often asked if you can eat duck eggs and use them in cooking and baking. This means lighter, higher cakes. We were always told that duck eggs make the best cakes, and they were sought after by the famous cake makers in the village! Here is a list of ideas for using duck eggs in baking and cooking. But since the yolks are so rich, your cakes may also be richer with duck eggs. So much for my science experiment. I always substitute one for one of the eggs and the batter is richer in both colour and texture and the taste is enhanced as well! They are way better than the noodles made from my chicken eggs. Eggs are eggs when it comes to cooking them. You can freely substitute duck eggs for chicken eggs in cakes, pies, cookies, custards, etc. Best Wishes Then I hard-cooked a few, and the whites were white (whiter than chicken eggs, in fact) and the yolks were orange. Hard Boiling for picnics and packed lunches. Many people recommend steam-frying duck eggs, frying them briefly then adding a bit of water to the pan and covering it until they are cooked through. You just solved several mysteries for us . I pride myself on shipping extremely fast and fresh.Duck eggs can be used for any number of cooking methods. They are excellent in everything we have baked with them, and we bake a lot. Thanks for dropping by, glad that you like the duck eggs recipe ideas. Duck eggs can be used for any number of cooking methods. Because the whites of duck eggs have more protein than those of chicken eggs, they will whip up higher when beaten and create more loft in cakes. CSAware is the cream of the crop in CSA management software. Here is a list of ideas for using duck eggs in baking and cooking. (Medium eggs should sit a minute less, jumbos a minute more.) Thanks for this. I would assume that in any given recipe you can substitute an equivalent weight of duck eggs, and if you don’t like the results, you can always make it with chicken eggs next time. You can fry duck eggs just like chicken eggs, provided they aren’t huge. But, they must be very fresh under 7 days old to get your best results especially for poaching, frying, or hard boiling. Let me know if you have any recipe suggestions you’d like to share then please leave a comment. Older then 7 days they are still excellent in baking and recipes, but the whites are a little rubbery. Had no idea of what to do with an egg! Here are the standard weights for large chicken eggs: A few words on beating egg whites: it takes a bit more work to break the gel when beating whites of duck eggs. Whoop-de-do. Incubating, Hatching & Raising Guinea Fowl Keets, How To Grow Herbs For Cooking eBook For Sale Only £4.00, Blueberry Baked French Toast Recipe From Helene At Once Upon A Pine, Difference Between Male And Female Toulouse Geese. /* 486x60ffcolours */ I find that whenever I have any duck eggs available and am baking cakes, muffins etc. Once you get them frothy, however, they beat up fairly easily. Hi Sara, sara @ farmingfriends, Hi Topveg, My husband has had ducks before, but this is a first for me. If you only need two or three eggs, just estimate: use one that’s a bit larger and one that’s a bit smaller. But there are differences: the yolks of duck eggs have more fat and the whites more protein than those of chicken eggs, and you need to take these differences into account when cooking. All rights reserved, but I'm generally pretty nice about sharing, so feel free to ask. If your eggs vary in size, you’ll need to adjust your recipes accordingly. If you are a farmer, smallholder, animal enthusiast, parent, child or anyone interested in animals and the farming lifestyle, then the Farming Friends website and forum is for you. If you don’t eat them immediately, store them in a bowl in the refrigerator, covered with water. But, there are some important facts that people don't commonly know about the quality of duck eggs. Cooking with duck eggs doesn’t call for a major revision in technique. Baking. This means lighter, higher cakes. The whites should be a clear white and no odor. It streamlines the office so you can focus on farming. I will add egg mayo to my list. The farmingfriends website was set up at the end of 2006 and started as a diary of daily life on the farm but has grown into an online magazine and forum community packed with information, resources and products relating to farming, keeping livestock, food and nature. No margarine, please: my girls worked too hard laying these eggs to louse them up with chemicals! We love our homegrown chicken eggs, and I don’t think I could bring myself to eat a pale yellow plate of scrambled eggs in a restaurant. The whites of duck eggs have more protein than those of chicken eggs, so fried they are not quite as tender; but I find the difference to be slight for reasonably sized eggs. Hard Boiling for picnics and packed lunches. Because the whites of duck eggs have more protein than those of chicken eggs, they will whip up higher when beaten and create more loft in cakes. If it has started to turn bad, you will see the white is cloudy or slightly yellow in color, or it might have an off smell, meaning the odor is not like a fresh egg.Some duck eggs do last longer then 21 days, but they should be checked over with care.I have tripled my duck flock and expect most of them to be laying daily by November/December 2009.

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