boston police organizational chart

After serving satisfactorily for a certain period of time, a sergeant can get escalated to the cadre of a lieutenant. Boston's former Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole was the first woman to serve in that position, until she resigned from her commissionership on June 30, 2006, to take a new position as Chief Inspector of the Inspectorate of the Irish national police force, An Garda Siochána. The Boston Police Department is organized into zones and each zone is headed by a Deputy Superintendent level appointee and further each district in the zone is controlled by a captain. Downtown and Charlestown. The Bureaus, Offices, and Units that report directly to the Superintendent-in-Chief are: the Bureau of Field Services, the Bureau of Investigative Services, the Bureau of Administration and Technology, the Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis, the Bureau of Professional Development, the Bureau of Community Engagement, the Office of the Night Superintendent, the Peer Support Unit, the Family Assistance Unit, the Office of Media Relations and Staff Inspections. Certain jobs within the department are designated as Detective Supervisor jobs (District Det. Jul 15. Responsible for rendering employee assistance and counseling to Boston Police Officers. © 2018 - HierarchyStructure. A captain is eligible for the promotion of a deputy superintendent after a fixed stint of unblemished service. Departmental Organization. Upon her departure, Albert Goslin was appointed acting commissioner. Responsible for rendering employee assistance and counseling to Boston Police Officers. These are the highest echelons of the Boston police hierarchy. The Boston Police rank structure is as follows: Deputy Superintendents and above serve at the pleasure of the Police Commissioner and in the case of the Commissioner, the Mayor. Police Department Organizational Chart Template. lieutenant reports into the captain of the zone. The Boston Police Department is headed by the Police Commissioner and the office of police commissioner has been relegated into various bureaus to make the functioning smooth and effective. A lieutenant is generally responsible for the operations of a specific team in the zone such as patrolling unit, homicide unit etc. The BPD is also the 20th largest law enforcement agency in the country and the largest in New England. Superintendent In Chief (This position is not always utilized). Supervisor, Sexual Assault Unit, Domestic Violence, etc. ); thus, Detective Supervisors earn their "rating" after serving a certain amount of time in said role. The Bureau of Field Services (BFS) consists of the zone commands and police districts, the Special Operations Unit and Youth Violence Strike Force (gang unit). More police news. A captain is the personnel responsible for maintaining law and order in his/her zone. The Boston Police Department has approximately 2,015 officers and 808 civilian personnel, with patrol services covering an area of 89.6 mi² (232.1 km²) and a population of 589,141. Apart from field operations he is also responsible for all the administrative tasks of the district. The Police commissioner’s office also houses the office of Chief of Staff, Public Relations department and Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC).Boston Police Hierarchy also comprises of the field operations units responsible for policing and law and order maintenance in the city, the forensics investigation unit, the special operation unit, homicide unit, and narcotics control unit. Districts. Image for Boston Police Task Force holding series of listening sessions. Office of the Superintendent-In-Chief Organizational Chart Powered by Squarespace The official on this grade is generally entrusted with supervisory assignments and more complex investigations or operations. 1931). Detective is a rank, guaranteed by a Legislative Act of 1986, providing that, in any department with more than 350 sworn members, the position of Detective is a rank not an appointment. The Boston Police Department (BPD), dating back to 1838, holds the primary responsibility for law enforcement and investigation within the American city of Boston, Massachusetts.It is the oldest police department in the United States. police chief of streets, transportation & sanitation public works transporta- tion office of the parking clerk boston bikes boston water & sewer cabinet level department ex officio other independent agency corporation counsel law elections chief of education school department mayor walsh . CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. In his specific zone a captain is directly answerable for operations of law maintaining units and agencies such as traffic enforcement, patrol unit, homicide unit, and criminal investigations etc. A deputy superintendent is responsible for efficient police operations in his respective district.

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