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I’m so glad you tried this bibingka recipe. Sticky consistency when cooked. I have tried every bibingka recipe I could find. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Just want to ask, the glutinous rice flour you use? Thank you. Thanks for browsing our website. All the best for you and your family. My inlaws tried it and they liked it. That’s why I prefer to include only the egg yolks as stated in the list of ingredients. Mas masarap at malambot talaga ang texture pag yung naka-pack na sa nabibili sa grocery store na glutinous rice flour kase pinong-pino talaga. it didn’t look like what you pictured. hai poh, tanong kulang, kung walang oven, pueden bang gamitin ang pugon? Rice flour is the “galapong” in Tagalog. There’s just a slight difference with the texture when you ise that but it would still be good. Thank you Lenlen. Have fun! Please feel free to try na gumawa at gawing business and I would be very happy for you. I didnt expect na magustuhan ng mga chinese ang tlgang dhln kung bkt gusto ko gmwa ng bibingka is for myself jejeje mkpangpanganak unay! Inotice that when eaten it is sticky and elastic and thought that it is made of glutinous rice. And i agree with others, it’s best i think to use the glutinous one if your are looking for that sticky thing, but if cakey bibingka is ok for you then rice flour will do Thanks for sharing your recipe! All Rights Reserved. Mas malagkit at masarap nga if you use glutinous than ung rice. Thank you mai mai! Hope I can an answer here. You inspire me more. But sad to say ni isang hiwa walang ntira buti n lng dat time na hiniwa ko tinikman ko na !!!! Your email address will not be published. Try ko 1 big can ng condensed milk baka by then sakto na. Please let me know the result if you’ve tried it. So if you want the softer type of bibingka, i suggest you use the packed glutinous rice flour, if not…the super refined “giniling malagkit”. 1st is the one made of “galapong” or rice flour and it’s cooked with buko, itlog maalat and thru banana leaves and charcoal. How long is the baking time? All the details about my bibingka recipe are already in this website. It would still taste good. Thanks!…I could use a 9×13 pan too right? Please feel free to browse in our website. Hope all will turn out best for you. Then you say in the direction to use it to grease your pan. I made this yesterday and it’s excellent. Salmat po sa pagshare nyo ng recipe ggwin ko ito bukas pra sa mga ka church ni amo sba mgustuhan nila…. Try to use rice flour, instead of glutionous maam. 1 & 1/2 cup condensed milk or 1 can of condensed milk Nakakatuwa naman at pati mga Chinese nagustuhan nila tong native na panghimagas natin. I have had a packed of glutinous rice flour and I did not know what to do it. Wish I can show you the picture. Enjoy baking! Thank you for visiting our webpage. Inotice that when eaten it is sticky and elastic and thought that it is made of glutinous rice. So basically they’re all the same but it’s just a matter of how the flour is processed. Whether you know it as bibingkang malagkit or as biko, this sticky rice recipe is basically sweet squares of steamed rice, sweetened with brown sugar, and usually topped with crispy coconut pebbles, the leftover remnants of simmered coconut cream. Never tried that yet though. Just make sure to check kung luto na para di masunog. I followed it strictly and it turned out well except for the cheese topping. My version of bibingka is 2nd type. Masarap siya talaga kulang lang talaga sa tamis kung small can of condense ang gagamitin. Special Bibingka (Ilocano-Filipino Style). Thank you . Please continue to support us by visiting our website now and then so we can continue to share more Filipino recipes. 1st is the one made of “galapong” or rice flour and it’s cooked with buko, itlog maalat and thru banana leaves and charcoal. 2) In a large bowl, mix the glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, fresh milk, condensed milk, egg yolks and the melted butter. What can you suggest alternative toppings if I don’t like to use cheesze. Maraming salamat. could it be because I used a nonstick teflon pan. We are gladly to present to you our very own FLAVORED MALAGKIT TURON... ..your Classic Malagkit is now with different flavors and fillings wrapped in a spring roll. I like your recipe for the special bibingka, I tried it and went very well at the party(birthday). Under room temperature (up to 26 degrees Celcius), based on my experience, 7-10 days po. Please feel free na mag-browse pa sa website namin at baka may magustuhan ka pang recipe. i found your website thru pinterest and tried your recipe… easy to follow and tastes really good! I also make one extra to give away for my friends, they all love it! I am glad you came across our website. I also used evaporated milk instead of fresh milk kasi mukhang mas creamy yun. I used a 9×13 pan and it wasn’t as thick, but it reminds me of the bibingka from Laoag. I will try to start a small business to survive . I’m glad you tried it and you liked it. Share and enjoy! Enjoy baking! Maraming nagbebenta ng bibingka pero iba yung luto sa Ilocos, meron din kaparehas ay yung galing sa Abra na bibingka, im not sure kung sa Ilocos sur sila kumukuha ng benta nila kasi parehas sila. They supply the stalls in Bauang, La Union where buses going to Baguio have a stop over. Hello Rosemarie! I prefer to use the packed glutinous rice flour because it’s really softer and more like “elastic” when eaten. Pls.kindly send to my email more details more recipes about bibingca ….this is what am planing to do as I can’t go back to abroad as ofnow for am not fit anymore. 3) Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you for browsing. Hello May! hi. I already tasted bibingka from another places but the bibingka that came from Ilocos it has a special taste for me. Yema Recipe – Creamy, Nutty Yema Filipino Style, Burger Patties with Mushroom Gravy (Filipino Style). Bibingka is now available all-year round, with miniature versions being sold for individual snacking. Tama lng ang tamis with the use of condensed milk. Learn how your comment data is processed. Oo pwede din malagkit na regular kung ayaw mo yung di masyadong malambot at sticky. Correct me if i’m wrong, eto po yung pinapagiling o nagiling na sa palengke. Hi Rona! Hello may party Kami this coming Saturday gusto ko sanang subukan mag bake ng 1 big pan maybe 3-4 recipes pero hindi ko alam kung ilang minutes or oras ko lulutuin? Anyway, I brought a big slice to my friends and they were amazed! They said, it was really “malasa, soft, reasonably chewy and smelled so bibingka! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank you for viewing this recipe. Just wanted to know how many do I need to put in the recipe? It’s still taste good but cream cheese is best for frosting and it melts very easily. bibingka is one of my favorite especially when it is hot. You inspire me more. Mas mabango pa nga pag kugon. I usually use a 9 inch x 13 inch rectangular shaped baking pan with that depth of not more than 2 inches. Hindi ko pa nasusubukang gumamit ng baking soda para umalsa. I added makapuno (bottled) as added topping, then the grated cheese. Cream cheese is far different from cheddar cheese you know.. It’ll just ruin your bibingka, I think its better off without any cheese if you don’t have any on hand rather than using cream cheese. I’m so glad you and your inlaws like it. and it did not stick to the bibingka. The rich toppings were added later, says Sta. Please continue to support us by visiting our website now and then if you feel like looking for dishes to try on. Yes, it should be a flour. First, thank you for publishing this Special Bibingka from Vigan, I had this long time ago, and he taste got stuck in my taste bud. Is it to 50 mins? Interesting question…though, I haven’t tried baking bibingka without the cheese but I think the baking time should still be the same. Kaya mula nun yung glutinous rice flour na ginamit ko. I’m a cheese lover. Or kindly send me a link to your favourite Chichacorn Popnik Cornik recipes. You can either scrub the still hard butter around the inside of the pan or use the melted one by using a basting brush to grease the pan. It doesn’t matter what size or shape actually. Luckily, I saw this recipe. I baked it for 25mins covered with foil and 30mins without the foil. I don’t really put sugar because the condensed milk is enough to make the bibingka sweet and believe me, the texture is softer and it’s tastier when you put condensed milk to make it sweet than white sugar. Thanks! Try it according to the directions and if you have any questions, please feel feee to email us or comment here.

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