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A la suite de quoi, vous pourrez rejoindre Aya au Paneion pour mettre un terme à la quête (image5-6). Aya silenced the orator with a bow before leaving with Brutus, regrouping in a bathouse. In addition, a conflict between Marc Antony and Octavian was also brewing, leading to a potential civil war. Aya believed Apollodorus would know more about the Order and thus sent her husband to meet with Apollodorus' contact near the Lageion Hippodrome. Along with Apollodorus, Cleopatra revealed that the Order sought to control all of Egypt, with members controlling each region. Plongez ensuite dans le puits qui s’ouvre devant vous, et traversez la zone immergée pour rejoindre la surface (images 08 et 09). [10] Aya, unable to cope with the loss of her only child and Bayek's thirst for revenge, returned to Alexandria where she joined her cousin Phanos the Younger. The senators, including Brutus and Cassius followed thereafter, thus ending Caesar's life. After waking, Brutus tells her that he has received a vision that he must follow to Crete. En arrivant vers le haut du phare, vous serez attrapé par le Gardien, un légionnaire armé d’un énorme marteau (image 15). As the female counterpart to Amun, her name also means "Hidden One" but with a feminine declension. Her actions caught the attention of Gennadios, the Phylakitai of Alexandria, resulting in her becoming a wanted criminal. Suivez vos comparses dans le palais (image 04) jusqu’à arriver près de César, et déclencher une cut scene. Later, Aya gives Brutus her blessing to move to Crete and goes about creating a Hidden One's bureau in Rome. She would communicate with Phanos, who worked in the library and kept her updated. Apollodorus remarked that the Medjay would have the chance to eliminate them again, and by helping Cleopatra to be crowned Queen, they would be able to crush the Order from within. [6], Eventually, Bion tracked them down again and killed Sabu[7] but they later successfully killed the psychopath in Siwa. [37] By this time, Amunet's own name was a secret known to few, and uttering her name was believed among the acolytes to be punishable by death. c. 85 BCEAlexandria, Ptolemaic Kingdom Fearing that Septimius might be after Pompey as well, Aya and Bayek departed the city on a felucca and traveled to meet with Pompey. Après avoir tué votre cible, parlez à l’émissaire de César, puis prenez-le sur votre dos. They met as children and grew up together. The next day, Aya met with Cleopatra outside the Tomb of Alexander the Great; the Queen asked Aya to unseal the tomb, which had been obstructed by an earthquake during the reign of Ptolemy XII Auletes, intending to use it to impress Caesar. [39], When Amunet died, she was mummified and interred in the same tomb as Bayek. [17], Having learned of the Lizard's identity from Panchrates, Aya and Bayek rode to the Palace of Apries, where Cleopatra was giving a speech to the residents of Memphis. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Gagnez ensuite le fort à la nage, et courrez vers le phare en ne vous préoccupant pas des combats. However, Ptolemy's boat was attacked by crocodiles, causing him to drown and be eaten by the crocodiles. Passé et présent se rejoignent à la grotte d’Hotep : un important mystère à percer ? Amunet urged the Hidden Ones to continue their work and be ready for anything that may happen. Qui sont les acteurs doublant Assassin's Creed Origins ? They arrived to find Pompey decapitated, and his army slain around him. They were later joined by Cassius, who informed the both of them that Magnus' assassination and Caesar's wife Calpurnia's warnings did not deter Caesar's plans to become Dictator for life. She could easily hold her own against a few Roman legions and even defeat Lucius Septimius in a one-on-one battle, with Septimius having the advantage of utilizing an unknown Piece of Eden in the battle. They decided to split up, with Aya heading to Rome and Bayek remaining in Egypt. While Bayek investigated the bull's quarters, Aya spoke to the twin priestesses, Taous and Tawe, for more information. Ptolemy's attempt to ally with Caesar was thus foiled, causing him to leave in rage. PS5 : sortie, prix, jeux, puissance, manette, design. [18], While Bayek hunted down the Crocodile in the Faiyum, Aya was sent with Phoxidas to the Mediterranean Sea to defend the seas, crossing paths with the Gabiniani, Roman legionaries that had been left behind in Egypt and sided with Ptolemy. Laissez-vous tomber dans le trou pour rejoindre l’étage inférieur, et descendez les escaliers pour déboucher dans la cour, mettez l’émissaire sur un cheval (image 12), et fuyez les lieux en profitant de la confusion. [26], Two days after the assassination of Caesar, she confronted Cleopatra in her chambers, learning she had a child with Caesar named Caesarion. Assassin's Creed: The Official Collection, Assassin's Creed Origins: Official Game Guide, Upon their arrival at the palace, Aya and Bayek posed as servants while Apollodorus posed as a Phylakitai of Heliopolis, who carried Cleopatra in a carpet disguise to infiltrate the palace. [12] Their relationship soon became strained again by 46 BCE, after a series of events led to the two being betrayed by their ally Cleopatra and the Order of the Ancients whom were approaching their goal. [28], A year later in 43 BCE, Aya wrote a letter to Bayek from Rome, having secured a bureau in the Pantheon district. Born in Alexandria, where she was one of the most respected members of her community, Aya was a half-Greek, half-Egyptian descendant of the Spartan misthios Kassandra. They both agreed it was for the best and that the Hidden Ones were their family now. With Hetepi eliminated, the Apis Bull recovered and the Festival of Apis could commence appropriately. While Aya fought and killed Septimius, Brutus and Cassius were tasked to delay Caesar's speech. Aya entrusted Bayek with a Hidden Blade that was used to kill Xerxes I of Persia, requesting him to infiltrate the royal palace to discover the Snake's identity. Outside The Seer's house, Aya met Bayek, who was helping Pasherenptah's wife, Taimhotep, in a ritual to protect her unborn child. There, Aya continued her education at the Library of Alexandria, learning about ancient history, philosophy, mathematics and mastering various languages. Ce guide de déblocage Assassins Creed Origins fournira l’emplacement de chaque tenue que nous avons débloquée, ainsi qu’une capture d’écran montrant la tenue elle-même. [15], While Bayek was out hunting the Order, Aya, alongside Phoxidas, was sent to the Aegean Sea to secure an alliance with the Roman general Pompey, who was fleeing from Julius Caesar in the midst of the Roman Civil War. Before she could carry out the assassination, she was chased by another mob of angry Roman citizens. A cet instant, vous serez abordé par Phanos, discutez donc quelques instants avec lui avant de le suivre à l’extérieur du bâtiment (image2). Through Bayek's investigations, he was able to deduced the twin priestesses as the ones responsible for poisoning the bull. In the Assassin's Creed: Origins comic, Aya was shown to be the killer of Cleopatra. On the battlefield Aya acted as a second in command shouting instruction to her men while Bayek acted as the leader.

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